Monday, December 29


Salam 1430H.
Semoga diberkati Allah sepanjang tahun
dan juga semoga dikukuhkan iman
dan dijauhkan dari mala petaka
dan dilindungi dari segala sifat keji yang dimurkai Allah.

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Sunday, December 14

In Loving Memories...

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Tuesday, December 9

Book as a block, block as a type = booksetting

In the mood for this ridiculous song (Pretty Girl) by KaRa

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Monday, December 8

Yoga Yogi Ku Beri Nama

YouTube playin' Nobody (Disco ver) by Wonder Girls

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Salam Aidiladha

Quoting ad excerpt for Bank Islam:
In the spirit of sacrifice, offer a prayer for others, not just yourself.

Another Aidiladha dawns bringing with it another opportunity for us to reaffirm our faith.
And what better way to do it than by bowing our heads in humility (towards Allah) and raising our hands to wish goodwill upon others.

Wishing all Muslims a blessed Aidiladha.

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