Friday, May 15


WMP playin' It's You by SuJu

That is what exactly I am feeling at this moment. It's not like I don't have anything to do, but then since I am going back in 2 hours time, I feel like it'll be a waste of time doing something that might be prolonged until EOD.

Sebenanye banyak aku nak taip... but then seperti biaso I'd rather do something else than updating my blog when I'm at home. Kat opis pulak, terasa macam nanti ade orang memerhati dari belakang. Not that I care.

And also, I haven't been updating my tumblr at all. So much for the idea of daily pics. Ah well. What I'll do later is take as many random pics that I can and do a mass update. The thing is, I don't take many pics as I used to. Not because I don't have the time, but it's just that I am quite bored using my phone's camera.

Which comes to the subject of buying a present for myself.

Masa besdey aku baru ni I didn't buy anything for myself, which is kinda sad as I do that every year ever since I received my first paycheck. Jadi, alang2 dah ade duit lebih baki servis kete hari tu (which I thought might reach over 1k), so I was thinking to get either one of these:
1. MP3 player. Might not be iPod sebab nanti nak kena install iTunes lak;
2. Kamera P6000 Nikon;
3. Henpon Lollipop - tunggu masuk M'sia;
4. Laptop kecik yang buleh masuk henbeg saiz sederhana.
Tapi before aku buleh beli semua ni, aku nak pegi ketuk kete dulu. Bape lama tah kemek kete tu, bapak aku pun dah tensen sebab tak terketuk2. Lepas tu, nak kena buat spek baru lak nih! Dah tak nampak dah. Apsal ek? Padahal baru je tahun lepas buat.

So, since dah nak balik kejap lagi, alang2 dah naik bas tu, buat spek skali la. Kan?

P/s - Menyampah plak nengok theme blogger nih. Nak tuka baru la nanti.

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

Tuesday, May 5

May the Fourth be with you.

In the mood for Rollercoaster Love by JiSun

How was your 4th of May? Like any other usual days, huh..?

I would say mine would be a bit different from the usual Monday.

1. Slept late in the morning (about 7am++) to finish watching The Quiz Show (previous season) - I had to finish watching this there and then no matter what;
2. Woke up earlier than usual;
3. Had my car serviced after lunch hour (normally I'll have it done on a weekend morning);
4. Walked from the workshop to my house, amazingly, without any mengah2;
5. Had my car washed just before Maghrib. Well, it's included in the servicing package, so, yeah;
6. Went back home to have my Maghrib prayers (when I can actually go straight to Jusco AU2 and have my prayers there);
7. Went straight to AU2 after prayers, amazingly, without me mum babling(?) at me (which she normally does whenever I go out after Maghrib, even if the place is Carrefour just behind my housing area);
8. Went karaoke-ing on a Monday night (which was made possible by my colleague who's also working UK shift);
9. Left that shopping complex after midnight on a Monday night; and
10. Got back home and nobody was actually waiting for me.

I guess the force was with me.

Oh. Not to forget:
11. Typing this meaningless entry. --> masukkan je la sekali dah alang2 tak tido lagi ahahahaha :P

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy