Tuesday, May 5

May the Fourth be with you.

In the mood for Rollercoaster Love by JiSun

How was your 4th of May? Like any other usual days, huh..?

I would say mine would be a bit different from the usual Monday.

1. Slept late in the morning (about 7am++) to finish watching The Quiz Show (previous season) - I had to finish watching this there and then no matter what;
2. Woke up earlier than usual;
3. Had my car serviced after lunch hour (normally I'll have it done on a weekend morning);
4. Walked from the workshop to my house, amazingly, without any mengah2;
5. Had my car washed just before Maghrib. Well, it's included in the servicing package, so, yeah;
6. Went back home to have my Maghrib prayers (when I can actually go straight to Jusco AU2 and have my prayers there);
7. Went straight to AU2 after prayers, amazingly, without me mum babling(?) at me (which she normally does whenever I go out after Maghrib, even if the place is Carrefour just behind my housing area);
8. Went karaoke-ing on a Monday night (which was made possible by my colleague who's also working UK shift);
9. Left that shopping complex after midnight on a Monday night; and
10. Got back home and nobody was actually waiting for me.

I guess the force was with me.

Oh. Not to forget:
11. Typing this meaningless entry. --> masukkan je la sekali dah alang2 tak tido lagi ahahahaha :P

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

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