Tuesday, October 13

Overview Announcement from My Host....

Why not blog in Malay?
With over 220 million speakers around the world, and a rapidly growing audience, Malay content could be the next opportunity to get you new readers. You can create a new account or use your existing AdSense account to monetize your Malay content. Get started now.

Uh baiklah. Saya akan memblog dalam bahasa Malaysia tapi bila-bila saya rasa seperti mahu melakukannya. Lagipun saya sudah tak terima tugasan mengalihbahasa, jadi saya sedikit sangap dan sengal mahu menaip dalam bahasa Malaysia (iyo la sangat!!!!)

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

Kesangapan yang Ketara

Now that I no longer receive translating assignments, should I type here more? Well, my hands a bit itching to type. But yeah as always I would not have any ideas... furthermore the sangapness has reached the gaban level... we'll see.
Actually I do have lots to type, but yeah all these while I give it all on my assignments. And I spent most of my time on Tumblr - which means I reblogged stuffs more than typing too. Eh I dunno where this paragraph is heading, so better quit now.
Yeah, we'll see.

And I need to get ready to go to work!

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

Sunday, January 11

I Said I Wanted to Write Again, So Here I Am.

Hello. Yes, I do notice that my blog has been abandoned for quite a time now... and since I have mentioned in tumblr that I wanted to write again, so here's to the first entry of 2015.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Now scram -- aha just joking, please stay huhuhuh

Had a hefty lunch this morning. Afternoon. Whatevs. My morning starts at around 11:30am so yeah deal with it.
(Now why do I sound like a whiny teenager? Whatevs.)
Got together with my birthday celebration buddies in Tony Roma's Pavilion. Never been there before but was actually enjoying it. Had some short ribs - nothing like I imagined (which was a short rack of ribs, but it was quite satisfying my half-carnivore self), the waiter even tied a plastic bib on me. Sigh, the embarrassment.
So by the time we're done I was uber bloated and had to let some of them go.

By the time I reached the hospital to take care of my dad, I was not hungry. But since it's Sunday and there were people visiting, of course there will be many foods brought over by the visitors. I told my lil sis to bring them all back home; but alas to leave this very humble meal.

The time now is 10:05PM. And now I accept this meal wholeheartedly. Bismillah...

Oh ya, not to forget... Happy 2015!

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy