Thursday, August 28

/* Socialize */

In the mood for Maou

I'm a full-pledged antisocial (self-claimed).

I hate to wait in line; I'd rather wait until 11pm on Saturday nights just to do shopping at Tesco.

I'd watch the telly rather than gossiping with fellow dinner-mates.

I'd sit in front of the PC rather than going for time-consuming office meetings.

I'd stay at home, sleeping, rather than going to weddings.

I'd mind my own business in the transportation on my way back from work rather than talking to that girl from the same pick-up point.

I'd go to Sushi King by myself rather than eating at the food court with the others.

I'd close all doors and windows, and lower the curtains if my parents aren't home.

I'd rather not invite others in my ride - just because of the clutters.

I'd watch live (and recorded) singing performances rather than going to the gym.

I'd stay in my room and relax when going for a vacation, rather than going for any tours or sightseeing.

Sarcasm is my new second language.

There are so many more to list down, but these are all that came into my mind at the mo'.

But does that means I don't have a life? Define 'Life'.

Like the saying 'people come in different shapes and sizes', your definition of 'Life' is not the same as others. So why bother criticizing others?

Ah but then, despite your 'concerns', I really think I do need to socialize more. But that is up to my own jurisdiction, no?

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Friday, August 22


In the mood for Mermaid by Kanjani8

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Thursday, August 21

Swingin' with Secret Code

In the mood for Secret Code by KinKi Kids

Tsuyo-pon~!! Kyaa~ah!!

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Sunday, August 17

Can't help it...

In the mood for Life Goes On by CHEMISTRY


how do i start this.

i'm tired.

i feel like looking for a fresh start elsewhere.

i'm bored.

i feel underappreciated (is that a word?).

i should've typed this earlier.
(i'm actually facing a high-risk situation here)
i hate to say this, but i feel mixed emotions right now - more negative 'uns. why? just because of this one despicable person. shutting down opportunities for me to step further. wasting my time in this self-proclaimed 'best place'. best place to backstab or pulling others down, more like it.

but, i'm still waiting for the result. if it's in my favour, maybe i'll think twice of letting go.

'whatever kind of world i sketch, i can't see tomorrow'
or so arashi-tachi said.

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Saturday, August 9

Kebenaran: Part II

In the mood for Truth by Arashi

Now the PV!!!

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Friday, August 8


In the mood for Truth by Arashi

I just can't resist posting this here! Later, the PV aight?

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Thursday, August 7

flickr 888


24 Hours of Flickr is back - this year it was on this Friday, August 8th !

Given the success of last year’s event, we hope that you’ll join us in celebration of another 24 Hours of Flickr – Flickr 888 on Friday, August 8th, 2008 (8-8-8!), a most auspicious day! How can you participate? Take a photo any time during the twenty-four hour period that’s August 8th where you are and then share it with the group.

Gonna get my camera ready!

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