Sunday, August 17

Can't help it...

In the mood for Life Goes On by CHEMISTRY


how do i start this.

i'm tired.

i feel like looking for a fresh start elsewhere.

i'm bored.

i feel underappreciated (is that a word?).

i should've typed this earlier.
(i'm actually facing a high-risk situation here)
i hate to say this, but i feel mixed emotions right now - more negative 'uns. why? just because of this one despicable person. shutting down opportunities for me to step further. wasting my time in this self-proclaimed 'best place'. best place to backstab or pulling others down, more like it.

but, i'm still waiting for the result. if it's in my favour, maybe i'll think twice of letting go.

'whatever kind of world i sketch, i can't see tomorrow'
or so arashi-tachi said.

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy


anishussein said...

It has changed a lot since I left.. I heard of loads of politic-craps.. maybe it's time for u to leave.. there's a chance of a greener grass on the other side.. Haha.. pinjam from zana.. TOUCHE!

deathBerry said...

but then anis dearie, greener grass doesn't mean no fertilizer used. and in this dried-up place, doesn't mean an earthworm can't live. if you get my drift.

touche? which part? *whistles*