Thursday, July 19

Perjalanan Pulang.

Ngantuk. Tapi takleh tido.

Wednesday, July 18

Memblog dari sitri

(yes I'll call this thing sitri from now on)

I've lost count how many times I wanted to blog recently. There's a lot of things on my mind. But then it seems like I do not have the time to arrange my words properly, due to the lack of time partly, and the lack of enthusiasm mostly. Ah well.

Ramadan is approaching, just around the corner. But somehow I don't think I'm as excited as before. Most probably caused by the hectic months faced previously, and the sloppy new sitting arrangements contribute to this largely. Up til now, I still have not got my telephone extension. Which is very <i>great</i>.


Only two days back I was (this) much inclined to draft my resignation letter, but then I thought about my commitments and I regressed.


Oklah. I'm already halfway on my journey to Cyberjaya. Gonna take a short nap before reaching the office.

Monday, July 2

Membakar Kelambu

Because I was mad at someone (and also myself), I have resorted to opt out the social media where I have most friends, because, apparently, I should not and have no point having them all.

Lepas ni kalau kena kacau dengan nyamuk lagi, maybe i'll opt out twitter? I don't really have that many friends on twitter pun... entahlah.

Makin tua makin emosi aku ni.

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy