Sunday, September 23

Quick update before I go to sleep.

1. No, I did not get the position that I applied for. And yes, I'm thankful - bad news for you (the monkey), though. Since you (the monkey) expected me to be utterly depressed and miserable for not getting it. Well yeah I'm just assuming. Since you (the monkey) like to assume I like to assume. Ok let's cut it here.

2. Lost two of my watches within a span of 2 weeks. Bought the same one as the first one (but different color) yesterday. Through eBay. Desperately wanted the same one, thus that happened.

3. Methinks I'm now in the phase of not interested in group chatting anymore. Being the antisocial person I am, twas a bit awkward sending whatapps messages to a group I newly joined which consists of the ladies of my school batch.

4. I regret playing Triple Town. I've to say byebye to $3.99 (methinks) to get the full version. This is coming from me who initially said the phone is for normal phone activities incl. occasional online experiences. Not for games, she said.

5. Lapar.


Makan2 celebrating me dad's 60th birthday. Alhamdulilah he's still here with us.

Wednesday, September 5

It was quite funny when I...

1. Set the alarm to ring in 5 minutes after isya' prayers;
2. Waited for the alarm to ring;
3. Switched the alarm off;
4. Fell asleep for ten minutes after that.

As if that alarm was a snooze.

Sabar je la, kan.