Thursday, May 27

Oh My Crappy Life

While watching Latte@8 repeat with Asha Gill

I hate this. I have godzillions to type here. My crappy pc's still in the sick bay, and my crappy modem gonna be cremated some time in the near future. warghhh!!! tensi tensi.

here is a list of what i have in store (in no particular order):

1. won shrek2 contest last week. watched shrek2 on May 19th (meaning i was among the 1st malaysian to watch shrek2).

2. baru tau fergie BEP rupenye ex-wild orchids.. myahahahah patot la macam pernah ku lihat muka itu..

3. jumpa some "clever" nursery rhymes.

4. abih baca buku dale carnegie n living with crazy buttocks

5. alam ria cuti sekolah

6. teruk gak line tepon kena sambar petir ari tu.

7. pc farid pon jadi bongak gak. leptop ayah ade virus lak. leptop cheme tak beh.

8. american idol: diana or fantasia? aiundi fantasia @ 1-800-idol-02.

9. tadi klua mv paula abdul - straight up. muahahaha. same muahaha goes to locomotion mv, shout mv, and the one by krisskross.

10. gilmore girls. betul ke susunan episod yang baru ni?

11. kylie minogue's song parody: green-blooded ogre in making.

12. active influenza.

13. kain batik = sarong laa..

14. chemistry vs exile.

15. yoanna jadik antm 2nd season.

16. ending citer attic cat.

17. citer snow angels. toro tu bukan budak grup energy ke?

18. citer mvp tu bukan cam slam dunk ke?

19. anis beli saiyuki requiem, ain ade furuba. oh, pasal ain ade furuba dah taip dah. maybe.

20. perpindahan azreen ke blogspot (yeah u got my attention, baby!)

21. suara michel (gilmore girls) dalam shrek2. korang perasan tak?

22. i like that black-eyed peas song in that hotlink ad. anyone care to tell me the title?

23. nape banyak sangat singing contest skarang ni? and everybody in that audition sucks big time.

see? see? isk kalau tak dah ade maximum 23 entries by now. serious shit.

anyhow... what's the point in doing so... ?

i dunno how may people would bother to read em, somehow :P (lorat lak aku ni)

dah la. nanti kalau rajin sambung lagi. maklomlah nak update service pack on a 52.0kbps modem bukannye kejap. kan?

[added around 20 minutes later]

oh ye ade nak tambah sikit lagik ni in the list above...

24. nirmala bonat

25. cannie ong and noritta samsudin's trials

26. lyndie england

27. bush's different pronounciations of abu gharib (muahahaha to that dickhead)

whoa. why am i getting into serious matters (except for bush)? it just so not like me.

care to vote of what i should type in my next entry?

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Tuesday, May 18


Tadek mood nak denga lagu ape2 pun grrr grrr

tengah bengang big time. ngape? jumaat nan lalu rumahku disambar petir. walaupun masa kena sambar tu tak de on pc, namun powerbox pcku dah bengong. lantas takleh on pc. namun jikalau buleh on pun tak guna. sebab phone line pun kena sambar gak.

so the curses actually goes to me. sebab i dunno why that day i did not unplug the plug from the socket (btul ka? lantak la malas nak pk). emm maybe because the nite before i cannot sleep at all. dunno lah. tapi nak buat camne, dah nak jadi gitu kan. pasal line tepon tu... iiii geram tulllll melepas keje yang nak sangat sangat sangat sangat tu sebab takleh receive calls. henpon pon buat hal. what to do?

anyway, this entry is also to inform u all there will be no updates until i can get back on my jalur lebar. and curses to my grammars. whatevers.

and thanx for reading my rants.

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Friday, May 14


Winamp playin' Alhamdulillah by Too Phat(feat Yassin,Ahli Fikir,Dian Sastro)

heh.. tuka images blakang :D

layout masih sama yerrr :P

ni.. semua sebab jumpa wallpaper calintz cerevinan yang lawa ni kat made by bubu :D

kalau tak tak de la nak nuka images :D

hepi hepi hepi!!

[added around 5 mins later]
dah tak hepi.. archive plak buat hal!! :(

[added around 2 songs later]
ahh abaikan je la archives tu.

tonikoku, anybody read How To Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie?

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Thursday, May 13

What if I put..

In the mood for Attic Cat's theme song

(ideas taken from the 8tv crapsheet)

Marion Caunter is an uno hot chick... *cluck cluck cluck cluck*

Adam Carruthers (Marion's partner in 8tv Quickie) is cute... without his yellow teeth. *yuck* - big turn-off for me!

Malaysian Idol should be in English! No, Malay! No, Chinese! (what about Tamil then? you racist people!)

===heh.. mari kita lihat siapa yang kenaaaaa :P (intelligent malaysian bloggers will know why i do such thing muahahaha :P:P yeah, that is very cheap of me===

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

Winamp playin' Milkshake by Kelis

Found this in,

and I quote:

I was in line at McDonald's right, when the song Milkshake by Kelis came on. See, there were these 2 girls standing in front of me, about 13 years old. I overheard the conversation they were having in their fake British accent.

Stupid bitch #1: Why would her Milkshake bring all the boys to her yard?
Stupid bitch #2: I have no idea. Maybe her milkshake is like, really good.
Stupid bitch #1: Like McDonald's milkshake?
Stupid bitch #2: Exactly.

Ahh-- to be young and naive again. Stay that way girls.


nice uns, no? beat the crap outta me :))

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Add-my-blog Fad

Winamp playin' Tipah Tertipu by Ruffedge

"Can I add you in my blog list?"

Heard of this sentence before?

Been there, done that.

The thing is, must I add the person's blog in my list if s/he wants to add mine to hers/his?

Issit some what of an obligation I have to make?

There is this one person. Seemed very interested to add mine. Yah I dunno what's so interesting in my blog that makes him wanna add it to his daily links. And he asked that similar question up there. I say okay, and my blog's url made it to the finals. Said thanx. That's all.

Some couple of days after that, he msged me. Asking why his blog isn't in my links yet. And I answered, "huh? (nada poyo)"

"I put yours in mine. I expect the same"
Real huh? coming from me. WTF?
"Sorry la, aku tak masuk blog ko sangat," I answered, "yg aku link tu semua yg aku masuk hari2"
"Nape? takleh ke? salah ke?"
"Tak la salah.. tapi"
"So? salah ke kalau aku tak letak link aku gi ari2 kat situ?"
"Eh aku tolong promokan ko nyer blog, takleh ke promokan blog aku gak?"

What a dickhead.

I replied, "Kalau nak mintak aku promokan blog ko, cakap la from the start."
"Ai, takkan la tu pun nak cakap. Paham2 sendiri la"


Is this person a 7-year-old child trapped in a 25-year-old man's body?

Later, when I checked his blog, my url's terminated.

I dun't mind, though. Not many traffic came from his site anyways.

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Banjir, Rumahku Naik Air, Yo

Winamp playin' Usia 17 by Potret

This actually happened on the 30th of April, around 6.15 pm.

It was a dark, cold, and gloomy evening. Rain pouring heavily outside the window. I was in my room, surfing the net and downloading Bishojo Senshi Sailormoon (live drama), avoiding myself from cooking dinner. My sis was in her room, doing whatever.

Suddenly Ibu shouted our names from downstairs. I was, like, alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh malasnyeee mesti nak suruh masak jugak ni. I opened the door, and.. OMG!! What happened?!

My house, terrace. On a hill. Flooding with water. Yikes! It happened that the water came from the roof. Aurgh~! Oh no, kena TV kat bawah tangga tu!! Tension arised. I called my sis and we both rushed downstairs to move the TV and the heavy TV cabinet (made from wood of what kind, I don't care) to the nearest dry area, which is quite far from the flooding spot.
Thank God only that TV area affected and the rest are a bit okay.

Oh, that was downstairs. Upstairs, it affected the center area. And my sis's room too, the water came from the wall. My room? There's this water spot, which looked like someone peed

When the rain cooled off a bit (and no heavy downpour inside my house), we started cleaning (and cursing our next door neighbor who has his house renovated in progress). It happened that the people renovating our neighbor's house left some stuff on the roof which caused the heavy downpour inside my house. Thank God again since the wiring in my house is okay, TV is okay, cabinet's a bit damp but okay. It was until 1am when the cleaning ended. Six hours in cold, tired, hungry, moody, etc. (dinner pun tak sempat sebab tak sempat masak)....

The next day: demam. For a week or so.

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Monday, May 10

Blogger Has This New Interface...

Winamp playin' Do It by Potret

... and i think i'm not loving it.

prefer the older posting interface, though.

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79Babies version 3.0 dah siap!!

Winamp playin' Ae Song Ee by Lexy

yay... dah siap web ssp9296 version 3.0.. dalam 90% la tapi hihihi :) have a peek by clicking here, here and here :D

let's celebrate by listening to this song!!!

[edited on 14/5/04:
the song can be downloaded from this link]

dah buleh lilek jap.. buleh la rajin nulih blog balik yah~!

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Saturday, May 8

Happy Birthday+Mama's Day, Ibu

Winamp playin' I Like You A LaLaLaLa Lots by The Wannadies

yup yup, today's me mama's birthday. selebret la sekali ngan mama's day :) 2-in-1. macam coffeemix plak muhahaha :P

tadi noon klua la, ingat mau selebret. ibu ajak gi makan kat kg baru, lauk kelantanese. ade ikan keli/sembilang panggang. sedap sedap. sekali bila dah sampai kat entrance taman kosas, traffic packed gilo. it turns out like everybody in ampang went out to celebrate (sebab selalu kalau packed ni sampai ke junction nak masuk taman dagang). *pendekkan citer* ayah pulak nak makan fish and chips. so tuka plan, kg baru gi cosy house, great eastern mall.

kat sana, pesan my fav: kung hu style mee hoon. yum! nadia pon order yg sama. apsel la.. takde variation. ibu order curry mee. ayah: mende dia nak makan tu la. pastu makan la sampai tak ingat dunia muhahaha :P

dah makan tu gi jalan2 jap. sekali ade la kedai jual barang2 porcelain and crystal and glasses and stuffs related (nama kedai tu Riccardo. muahahhahaha :P). knowing ibu, masuk la kedai tu dalam 15 minit. pastu masa nak turun bawah dia nampak satu lagi kedai of the same type. tapi kedai ni lagi menarik dari riccardo tuh (sebab lagi besar n lagi banyak barang). 2 kali masuk kedai tu; 1st beli gelas banyak2 and this one beautiful gold plated crystal tray, 2nd beli satu set gelas gold plated. alang2 tengah murah, beli je la. sabar tak? i really hope i won't be like her when i reach her age later :P

nadia and i got her a set of orange-scented candles (2 per set) and setangkai bunga daisy. well, the flower's not my idea since i'd rather buy flowers to myself rather than giving to others (yeah, yeah, cakap la ape pun, i dun care). but knowing chia, ikut saje la, lagikpon dia nampak bersungguh2 nak kasi bunga. maklomlah jiwa yang jiwang.

dah tu balik. takde selebret lagi dah :P

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Let's Spread The Love This Mother's Day

Winamp playin' Uhmuni (Mother) by 1TYM

click here to view:

domino's offer for mother's day

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Thursday, May 6

Still takmo update

Winamp playin' It Takes Two by Chemistry

Song Name: It Takes Two
Artiste(s): CHEMISTRY
Drama Title: Double score

Machi no kaze ni tsumetai tsubu ieji o isogu gunshuu ni magirete wa
Matsu hito ga iru koto no itami jibun no yowasa touji ni kanjiteru

Kimi ga moshi itsuno toki datte boku no mono naraba

Tatoe futari kasaneta te o hanasou toshitemo
Kokoro wa oite iku kara
Tatoe ima wa onaji toki o kizame nakutemo
Itsuka mata meguri aeru kara

Fushi me no utsukushii hito yo hanareta toki mo tokimeki wa yamanai
Ima wa mada ii dasenakute kaze no uta dake kiki nagasu futari

Koibito no yobi na wa kimi no tame dake ni aru yo

Tatoe boku ga shizen hazusu shigusa misetemo
Kokoro wa kimi o mite iru
Tatoe ima wa chigau keshiki nagamete itemo
Kitto mata meguri aeru kara

(It takes two, you and me) Sadame mo koerareru
(It takes two, you and me) Kiseki mo Okoru hazu sa
(It takes two, you and me) Shinji tsuzukereba
Dakara ima wa hitori de arukou

Tatoe boku ga kasaneta te o hanasou toshitemo
Kokoro wa oite iku kara
Tatoe ima wa chigau keshiki nagamete itemo
Kitto mata meguri aeru kara

Tatoe boku ga kasaneta te o hanasou toshitemo
Kokoro wa oite iku kara
Tatoe ima wa chigau keshiki nagamete itemo
Bokutachi wa meguri aeru kara

Itsuka mata meguri aeru kara
Dakara ima wa hitori de arukou
You are the one for me

* Credits to

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

Monday, May 3

Takde Mood n Idea Lagik

Winamp playin' Faint by Linkin Park

oh ye.
to sesape yg mencarik lagu ending citer double score (oshio manabu n sorimachi takashi)

tajuk: it takes two
by: chemistry

(#edited on the 6th of may:
for u peeps who dun care about the file format of the song,
here's the wma file link:

enjoy! )

i have it in my cd. will upload on request.

p/s: citer jepon 8tv lepas ni
tajuk: beauty or the beast/ kiss or fight
main character: matsushima nanako (or mrs sorimachi) n fukuyama masaharu
citer pasal orang kat stesen tv
a-la news no onna (anchor lady), tapi bukan pasal berita
citer ni comel ^______________________^
masha pun comel ^__________________^

(p/s niki : masha yer... bukan marsha :P)

dah tu je lah ye.
bz ni sebenanye. nak apdet web 79babies :D

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Sunday, May 2

Takde Mood n Idea.

In the mood for Yo! by Shinhwa

edited 8/5/04: lagu dah kena remove :P

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