Thursday, May 13

Banjir, Rumahku Naik Air, Yo

Winamp playin' Usia 17 by Potret

This actually happened on the 30th of April, around 6.15 pm.

It was a dark, cold, and gloomy evening. Rain pouring heavily outside the window. I was in my room, surfing the net and downloading Bishojo Senshi Sailormoon (live drama), avoiding myself from cooking dinner. My sis was in her room, doing whatever.

Suddenly Ibu shouted our names from downstairs. I was, like, alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh malasnyeee mesti nak suruh masak jugak ni. I opened the door, and.. OMG!! What happened?!

My house, terrace. On a hill. Flooding with water. Yikes! It happened that the water came from the roof. Aurgh~! Oh no, kena TV kat bawah tangga tu!! Tension arised. I called my sis and we both rushed downstairs to move the TV and the heavy TV cabinet (made from wood of what kind, I don't care) to the nearest dry area, which is quite far from the flooding spot.
Thank God only that TV area affected and the rest are a bit okay.

Oh, that was downstairs. Upstairs, it affected the center area. And my sis's room too, the water came from the wall. My room? There's this water spot, which looked like someone peed

When the rain cooled off a bit (and no heavy downpour inside my house), we started cleaning (and cursing our next door neighbor who has his house renovated in progress). It happened that the people renovating our neighbor's house left some stuff on the roof which caused the heavy downpour inside my house. Thank God again since the wiring in my house is okay, TV is okay, cabinet's a bit damp but okay. It was until 1am when the cleaning ended. Six hours in cold, tired, hungry, moody, etc. (dinner pun tak sempat sebab tak sempat masak)....

The next day: demam. For a week or so.

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

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