Sunday, January 11

I Said I Wanted to Write Again, So Here I Am.

Hello. Yes, I do notice that my blog has been abandoned for quite a time now... and since I have mentioned in tumblr that I wanted to write again, so here's to the first entry of 2015.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Now scram -- aha just joking, please stay huhuhuh

Had a hefty lunch this morning. Afternoon. Whatevs. My morning starts at around 11:30am so yeah deal with it.
(Now why do I sound like a whiny teenager? Whatevs.)
Got together with my birthday celebration buddies in Tony Roma's Pavilion. Never been there before but was actually enjoying it. Had some short ribs - nothing like I imagined (which was a short rack of ribs, but it was quite satisfying my half-carnivore self), the waiter even tied a plastic bib on me. Sigh, the embarrassment.
So by the time we're done I was uber bloated and had to let some of them go.

By the time I reached the hospital to take care of my dad, I was not hungry. But since it's Sunday and there were people visiting, of course there will be many foods brought over by the visitors. I told my lil sis to bring them all back home; but alas to leave this very humble meal.

The time now is 10:05PM. And now I accept this meal wholeheartedly. Bismillah...

Oh ya, not to forget... Happy 2015!

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

Saturday, August 16

Sometimes I feel like faking sickness to get away from the depressing state I am in that place.

I need a breather. A big breathing space. From work. From family. Probably from friends too. From this place. From that place. From everything.

I need a vaycay.

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

Yeah Hey

Heyya. What's up?

It has been quite a long time since I wrote something properly on this blog, right?
Lots of things happened; lots of ups and downs, and it seems recently there are more downs than ups. (Figures. The last update I made here was over six months ago, and it's not even about my life.)
Maybe I have been in that place long enough... it be some sort of depression?
Almost everyday now I have been thinking, should I leave or should I stay? It's not like I have anything to do if I leave anyway. But I'm not sure for how many days now I could stay happy (or seems like faking happiness nowadays) if I stay.
I would love to say that the reason I stay has nothing to do with money. I don't have big commitments other than an asset and a liability. I don't spend unnecessarily using the pay that I got - most of the trinkets bought online were paid from my side income. Oh, yeah, probably most of my pay goes to good food and good coffee.
But I would also love to say that the reason I want to leave is too many to put down here. Let's just say that I am too saturated, figuratively and literally (I'll leave that to your own ideas). And considering the well being of my parents, I think sacrifice is a must.

Don't worry too much about me. My kain is for my own self to take care of anyways. But I feel thankful that you cared enough to even read this to the end.

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

Wednesday, December 25

The Queens' Classrooms - yet again

Hah... finally dah tamat tengok the Japanese version sekali lagi. Sungguh berpuas hati sebab sebelum ini tak tengok special version sebab tak tahu pun ade huhuhu. Dan seperti yang sebelum ini, memang tak dapat nak menahan air mata bila dah sampai episod akhir huhuhu

Alrighty then.

Although JnK keluar dulu sebelum YK, tapi sebab aku tengok semula JnK so we'll use YK as the base reference.

Yeowangui Kyoshil vs. Joou no Kyoshitsu
Episode wise, kalau masuk special episodes for Japanese version, rasanya lebih kurang sama panjang. 2 specials, about 1.5 hrs each. Lebih kurang laaaaaa. Tapi dari susunan jalan cerita, J-ver lebih padat dan truer to the point yang nak disampaikan, dan specials tu sampingan saje. Tak tengok pun tak pe sebab dia cerita macam mana Maya boleh bertukar menjadi AkuMa*, tapi kalau terasa intrigued boleh la tengok (highly recommended). Basically sama kedua-duanya, cuma ada beza sikit sini sana. Mungkin disebabkan faktor geografi yang mana masalah pada sistem masyarakat Jepun tak mungkin 100% sama dengan Korea, so they need to tweak the story a bit to fit the local society, to make it believable.
Setting classroom dan AkuMa's surrounding J-ver lebih gelap, so suasana rasa lebih mandom dan gloomy compared to the K-ver. Mungkin guna filter gelap, but it helped setting the mood. Tapi K-ver lebih realistik sebab... kalau hari cerah patut nampak cerah la kan? Takkan bila ada orang menakutkan masuk cahaya jadi suram tiba2 ye dak?

* Dalam cerita ni Maya cakap nak jadi "oni" (sp.2) dan tiada reference langsung pasal nak jadi "akuma" - sila gugel sendiri perbezaannye - tapi disebabkan dalam K-ver bebdak bahsekan cikgu depa MaNyeo (direct trans: perempuan evil, lepak trans: witch) yang diambil daripada Ma Yeojin (sebut MaYeo tak sampai maksud dia haha) so I use AkuMa moving forward :P

Ma Yeojin vs. Akutsu Maya
Both watak brilliant. But then mungkin sebab Go Hyunjung bermuka chubby, maka watak MaNyeo yang sepatutnya menakutkan ini tidak nampak menakutkan sangat - muka dia lebih nampak seperti scheming teacher... which in my opinion still okay. Amami Yuki lebih real dan membuat orang kecut perut bila tengok dia. So one point for AkuMa. Comparison lain:
- Pemakaian: Pakaian AkuMa lebih menakutkan - ada unsur sadis di situ, sungguh gothic dari atas ke bawah. Pakaian MaNyeo lebih.. umm... fashionable? walaupun hitam bagai (dan kadang2 ade skarf putih). Dan rambut AkuMa diikat sanggul ketat macam tak boleh nak tolerate langsung, whereas MaNyeo still nampak macam approachable dan boleh cucuk sikit2.
- Both watak tak break character, stern dari awal sampai habis. Cuma with observation boleh nampak MaNyeo ada slipped sikit2 sana sini. AkuMa memang sampai ke sudah. Only obvious dia tahan sebak masa episod terakhir.
- Dalam K-ver ada gambar MaNyeo dengan anak dia, but tak pernah explain ape terjadi. Ataupun ade explain tapi aku termiss kot? Dalam J-ver, tak de sebut langsung yang AkuMa ada anak (rasenye ade gambar tapi tak perasan kot lol) mahupun pernah berkahwin, tapi ada kisah pasal dia dalam sp.1.

Main kids' characters

Shim Hana vs. Kanda Kazumi
Oh Donggoo vs. Manabe Yuusuke
Kim Seohyun vs. Shindo Hikaru
Eun Bomi vs. Baba Hisako

Semua sangat pandai berlakon. Especially watak Shim Hana/Kanda Kazumi & Oh Donggoo/Manabe Yuusuke. Sangat.
- Hana kurang annoying (dan lebih comel lol) compared to Kazumi
- Donggoo lebih kecik compared to Yuusuke - maybe sebab pelakon watak Donggoo lebih muda than the other 3, but Yuusuke's older than the rest? Entahlah.
- Hikaru lebih lantang daripada Seohyun
- Bomi lebih annoying daripada Baba-chan
Characters development (meaning persahabatan) dari mula sampai habis, rasanya J-ver lebih heart-warming sebab Hikaru lebih mesra dengan kawan2 baik dia towards the end, while Seohyun masih ada hesitations - mungkin dah lama bersendirian so lebih susah nak break character?

Watak lain

- I prefer Yang Seonsaeng daripada Tendo Sensei, prolly sebab 1. YS lebih comel, and 2. TS lebih annoying hah!
- Guru besar K-ver lebih penyibuk lol
- Penolong guru besar K-ver lebih conniving, which made him lebih menonjol dalam misi menjatuhkan MaNyeo.

Ok I think that's all for now since I forgot about what I wanted to add earlier huhuhu :(

If you ask for my recommendation which one's to watch (or maybe watch first), depending on your preference:
1. Newer? K-ver
2. Gloomier/scarier? J-ver w/ specials
3. Not draggy? J-ver w/o specials
4. Cuter? K-ver (Yang Seonsaeng factor!)
5. Shorter? J-ver, of course WITHOUT specials
6. More drama i.e. interaction with parents? K-ver

But if you ask me wether to watch both or not, I would say yes. Even if the base story line is about 90-95% the same.

Ok tu je. Next stop - Hakkyo 2013!

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Wednesday, December 18

여왕의 교실

I like it.

Maybe not much as the Japanese version, but I do like it.
So much.

The Queen's Classroom - Korean version.

(Photo from

It was not as gothic & mysterious looking as the Japanese version, even MaNyo was not as intimidating as AkuMa, but overall it was as good. Overall storyline might be the same... tapi of course ada beza sebab their cultures are different.

I took some time to finish this drama due to some other important matters (translation played the main part), and also since I know how it ends from the J version so I was a bit hesitant to finish it and move to another drama. But then when it ended, I had this feeling to revisit the J version, just because.

Probably I'll make a comparison later? If I'm not that lazy, I guess :P But for the time being, you can read the synopsis in dramawiki. Or even actually watch the drama. I would recommend you to start with the J version if you ask me.

p/s do not bother reading my sampah review for Joou no Kyoshitsu. lol.

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Sunday, December 8

Getting Tired of Your Bullsh*tting


Jangan bongkak.
Jangan berlagak pandai padahal tak tahu semua fakta.

Tak perlu buat semua tu depan aku.
Aku bukan orang yang interview kau.
Tak perlu goreng sana sini.
Lebih-lebih lagi bila aku lebih tahu dari kau.

Dan cubalah terima kalau aku kata memang apa yang kau tahu tu salah.
Bukan aku nak cakap kau bodoh.
Tapi kalau dah salah tu, takkan aku nak biar kau terus salah.

Tak perlu bongkak.
Buat orang menyampah je dengan kau.

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Wednesday, November 27

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

In the mood for doing nothing. Not even typing this.

Where did I hide my passport?

Sometimes being clever is not too clever.

(Yes the title supposed to be of some other post but suddenly I remember that I need my passport pronto. Ah well not pronto but yeah as soon as possible so that I can stop worrying about me not getting on the cruise ship this coming Jan2014 yes you heard me)

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Makin Boolat

Anytime now, the scale will come to its full cycle.
I totally need to do something (and not just think about it or buy stuffs related to it) before it actually reach there.
Contemplating over really getting a real bike or the exercise one.

And yes. You can guess how much do I weigh now. No joke.

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I Want the Wedding of the Year

In the mood for Vampire Prosecutor 2

I want the wedding of the year.

My mahar to be Surah al-Mulk.
My dowry to be of nothing posh.
My reception to be attended by just the immediate family members of both sides.
Or maybe with the presence of a few close friends.

Don't get me wrong.
I still want a rich hubby lol

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Thursday, November 21

Kemalasan semakin menjadi jadi

Tak tahu berapa lama dah kain kat katil ni tak berlipat. Sigh. Serius malas melampau. Apa nak jadi tah. Macam dah tak pedulikan persekitaran langsung.
Tadi masa guna toilet main room pelik apsal water heater tak berfungsi. Mungkin wiring dia dah short kot. Haih.
Malas ni bersebab. Walau pun sebab itu memang selfish. Tapi tak perlulah nak letak sini. Cukup la tau ia akan mengaibkan.
Sigh. I need to change, to be better than the current me. But need to start from melipat kain, of course.