Wednesday, December 18

여왕의 교실

I like it.

Maybe not much as the Japanese version, but I do like it.
So much.

The Queen's Classroom - Korean version.

(Photo from

It was not as gothic & mysterious looking as the Japanese version, even MaNyo was not as intimidating as AkuMa, but overall it was as good. Overall storyline might be the same... tapi of course ada beza sebab their cultures are different.

I took some time to finish this drama due to some other important matters (translation played the main part), and also since I know how it ends from the J version so I was a bit hesitant to finish it and move to another drama. But then when it ended, I had this feeling to revisit the J version, just because.

Probably I'll make a comparison later? If I'm not that lazy, I guess :P But for the time being, you can read the synopsis in dramawiki. Or even actually watch the drama. I would recommend you to start with the J version if you ask me.

p/s do not bother reading my sampah review for Joou no Kyoshitsu. lol.

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

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