Sunday, January 11

I Said I Wanted to Write Again, So Here I Am.

Hello. Yes, I do notice that my blog has been abandoned for quite a time now... and since I have mentioned in tumblr that I wanted to write again, so here's to the first entry of 2015.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Now scram -- aha just joking, please stay huhuhuh

Had a hefty lunch this morning. Afternoon. Whatevs. My morning starts at around 11:30am so yeah deal with it.
(Now why do I sound like a whiny teenager? Whatevs.)
Got together with my birthday celebration buddies in Tony Roma's Pavilion. Never been there before but was actually enjoying it. Had some short ribs - nothing like I imagined (which was a short rack of ribs, but it was quite satisfying my half-carnivore self), the waiter even tied a plastic bib on me. Sigh, the embarrassment.
So by the time we're done I was uber bloated and had to let some of them go.

By the time I reached the hospital to take care of my dad, I was not hungry. But since it's Sunday and there were people visiting, of course there will be many foods brought over by the visitors. I told my lil sis to bring them all back home; but alas to leave this very humble meal.

The time now is 10:05PM. And now I accept this meal wholeheartedly. Bismillah...

Oh ya, not to forget... Happy 2015!

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy