Thursday, November 27

Yogi Bear

In the mood for Cry Eye by Son Dam Bi

I was (and am still) never fond of yoga. Aside from being.. a plus-sized person, I found it not as interesting as BoA/DBSK/Rain/Son Dam Bi's moves. I don't even care if my friends said it really works; the sweats will come out as mad as the heavy rain or whatsoever. No yoga for me, no.

Let's for now put aside the mantras thingie. Yep I know most of you yogis don't do chanting in your yoga classes.

But the most important reason to me is the name of one of the poses which is Surya-namaskar (Sun Salutation). You see, I'd been reading a book about yoga nearly 20 years ago, when this thing wasn't a fad yet in this country. It was interesting to see the pictures of people doing the bending and twisting - like playing Twister ahaks :P. But then when I saw the name of that one pose, I was quite appalled with it. And suddenly the whole thing turned to be not as interesting as I thought.

In my opinion, though by doing the pose we don't actually saluting the sun (and never intend to, well, for the more-religious type, yeah), other non-Muslim yogis might see (and say) that we're doing that. And for people who don't even bother to be Muslim-friendly (or worst, those who are Muslim haters), they might say "Oh? And I thought they only bow to Lord Allah?". How does that feel, ladies and gentlemen? I had this thing happened quite recently when I shake my clasped hands up and down unintentionally, and this one stupid fella asked me (jokingly but hurtfully) "tuhan mana ko sembah ni?" (dalam hati aku cakap kurang hajar punye mangkok, rase nak lempang2).

Okay, you can say that, "Yeah, like whatever. It's not like we *really* salute the sun." If, and I say IF, the classes you have in that cool, air-conditioned, windowless room is actually made for the class followers to face the sun, what say you?

The fatwa done recently is not wrong, if you, as a Muslim, think about it deeply. Try to really, really ponder on it carefully before bashing here and there (I found Malaysian loves to bash everything about the government recently. Not that I'm pro-Gov or whatsoever). Bash me if you want, I'm all ears.

Besides, I'd rather love Yogi Bear than being a yogi.

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In the mood for Gone Crazy by Son Dam Bi

Budak yang aku suka tu cakap cam ni kat aku:

I like you
You're like my best friend

Happy: He likes me.
Sad: I'm like his best friend.
Mad: I like him more than he likes me.
Happy: I'm like his best friend.
Sad: I can't be more than his best friend.
Mad: The fact that he said he likes me and then added the best friend part.
Happy: I'm like his best friend.
Confused: I'm like his best friend?

Baik aku masuk tido sekarang.

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Sunday, November 23

Random-O-Rama III

WMP playin' Nobody by Wonder Girls

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Friday, November 21

How Come?

In the mood for 어쩌다 by Brown Eyed Girls

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Sunday, November 16

Acara Muhibbah

In the mood for Nobody by Wonder Girls

Konon2nye la hari ni nak celebrate besdey Cik Ain n Fadx.. So plan telahpun dibuat pada awal minggu - kluar pagi Sabtu, jumpa kat Ampang Point, gi Klang makan sifud, singgah rumah Anis jap, pastu gi Aeon Bukit Tinggi untuk membeli belah sikit2 dan menonton Madagascar2/gumbira2 di funfair berhampiran ngan Aeon tu.

Probably about 4 days before: Anis cakap dia kena gi Perlis this weekend, ade relative nye wedding. Huh. Singgah rumah Anis - kensel.

About a day before: Ika cakap dia maybe takleh nak ikut, sebab dah start demam dan batuk2. Kalau jadi pun, dia akan bertolak dari rumah dia. Singgah rumah Ika - added to the list.


Plan nak gather kul 12 diganti dengan 12:30. Sampai kat Ampang Point, susah giler nak carik parking. Tawaf la about 4 kali, baru la dapat satu, Alhamdulillah. Singgah Coffee Bean jap membeli breakfast/brunch sementara tunggu yang lenlain sampai.

Dah semua sampai, board le keter Fadx. Ika tak jadi ikut sebab demam teruk. So kitorang pun drive la terus sampai Klang. Nak dijadikan citer, oleh sebab kitorang ni tatau sebenanye mana nak pergi, kitorang pun sesat la sampai Westport (I can hear Anis laughing at the background) Pusing punye pusing punye pusing, sampai la kat kedai sifud kat Tanjung Harapan dalam kul 3++.

Lepas makan sifud yang agak ok la jugak (set meal, rm25.40 each), kitorang pun gerak la menuju ke Aeon. Yang behnye, kitorang tak ikut jalan yang kitorang guna untuk sampai ke Tanjung Harapan, but ikut Meru kot (I can hear Anis laughing at the background again), when actually when we were at the rm0.50 toll Fadx did asked the toll girl which is the nearer way to get there and that girl replied, "The opposite way you guys are heading," and we didn't make the U-turn at all - instead, kitorang terusssssss je sampai la kena lalu town yang sungguh busy tahap dewata raya dan menyakitkan hati (nightmare kenduri Manyo kembali).

Pendekkan citer, sampai la jugak kat Aeon tuh... Kul bape tu kurang pasti. Shopping sket2, then lepak minum teh sat, pastu gi solat, pastu gerak ke tapak funfair (sebab Madagascar boleh ditonton di KL).

Masuk funfair excited giler. Aku n Fadx naik mende buaian pusing2 tu - aku nak naik tu sebab last time aku tup mata. It turns out kalau buka mata tak de la rasa horror. Or gaknye dah pening pusing2 kan.. so efek dia kurang sket ahaks :P Then kitorang naik mende alah bernama Top Gun. Aku rase orang gemuk cam aku ni tak leh naik mende alah tu sebab ia mendefy graviti secara terbalik, dan berat aku jatuh kat bahu (pressure tarikan graviti). Lebam wooo bahu aku kiri kanan... Tapi memang serunduts. Pastu Fadx n Ain masuk horror house yang tak horror, pastu diorang n Faa main coaster berpusing2 secara horizontal, and then last2 masuk Ferris Wheel yang bagi aku BAPAK punye bosan.

Dalam kul 10 lebey, Fadx call Ika tapi dia tak angkat. So we assume yang dia dah tido akibat demam. So kitorang pun gerak la kembali ke KL, tak jadi singgah rumah dia. Makan late supper kat warung nasi lemak mahal nak mamposss sebelah Ampang Point Shopping Center sambil mengumpat2 dan berborak2 tentang impian sampai dekat2 kul 1. Pastu teman Ain gi isi angin tayar kete dia. Then terus balik.

Tu je acara muhibbah kitorang yang berlangsung pada hari Sabtu, 15 November 2008.

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Saturday, November 1


In the mood for writing something down.

I dunno why.... The first time I knew that he's one of that species, I was so... down? Shocked? Disheartened? Despair? Oh - it's more like dejected.

He actually realised this and even asked that girl beside me, why did I act like that when he's around. Like whenever he talked or IMed me, I was like in "WHAT-everrr" mood. And when that girl highlighted that to me, I realised that maybe I showed too much dismayal towards him. And I don't even know him that well yet at that mo'.

And so, I kinda vowed to myself to treat him better. I tried being cheerful and excited to talk to him. And actually it worked. We kinda clicked together afterwards. I enjoyed his presence most of the time.

Now recently, I get to see him a lot, due to certain circumstances. And, yeah, since we have the same mentality level, we joked around, singing 80's, talked about authors and books and animes and mangas and stuffs, being buddy-buddy with each other. Until last night, that girl beside me highlighted that ever since he's around, I seemed not to be like my normal self.

...Which I feel that it's quite true to a certain extend.

That guy has a girlfriend (in which I thank Allah a lot). Knowing me, I won't express myself more in front of a guy who's single, unless if I really accept him as no more than a friend. Or a colleague. Something like that. But somehow, that made it mighty obvious that I'm on happy drugs when he's around, and some people would get the idea that I actually like him.

...In which I think I AM beginning to like him more than a friend. A lot. But yeah, like I said earlier, Alhamdulillah for the fact that he's got a GF and loves her a lot. And from what I heard from one of my dear friends, he's really loyal to his GF despite his playful nature.

Ah~ Torture.

Boleh tak kawin cepat2? Kalau laki orang, aku tanak.
Note to myself: This shouldn't be seen by that person... So make sure you avoid giving the link to this blog!
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