Saturday, November 1


In the mood for writing something down.

I dunno why.... The first time I knew that he's one of that species, I was so... down? Shocked? Disheartened? Despair? Oh - it's more like dejected.

He actually realised this and even asked that girl beside me, why did I act like that when he's around. Like whenever he talked or IMed me, I was like in "WHAT-everrr" mood. And when that girl highlighted that to me, I realised that maybe I showed too much dismayal towards him. And I don't even know him that well yet at that mo'.

And so, I kinda vowed to myself to treat him better. I tried being cheerful and excited to talk to him. And actually it worked. We kinda clicked together afterwards. I enjoyed his presence most of the time.

Now recently, I get to see him a lot, due to certain circumstances. And, yeah, since we have the same mentality level, we joked around, singing 80's, talked about authors and books and animes and mangas and stuffs, being buddy-buddy with each other. Until last night, that girl beside me highlighted that ever since he's around, I seemed not to be like my normal self.

...Which I feel that it's quite true to a certain extend.

That guy has a girlfriend (in which I thank Allah a lot). Knowing me, I won't express myself more in front of a guy who's single, unless if I really accept him as no more than a friend. Or a colleague. Something like that. But somehow, that made it mighty obvious that I'm on happy drugs when he's around, and some people would get the idea that I actually like him.

...In which I think I AM beginning to like him more than a friend. A lot. But yeah, like I said earlier, Alhamdulillah for the fact that he's got a GF and loves her a lot. And from what I heard from one of my dear friends, he's really loyal to his GF despite his playful nature.

Ah~ Torture.

Boleh tak kawin cepat2? Kalau laki orang, aku tanak.
Note to myself: This shouldn't be seen by that person... So make sure you avoid giving the link to this blog!
ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

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