Thursday, May 13

Add-my-blog Fad

Winamp playin' Tipah Tertipu by Ruffedge

"Can I add you in my blog list?"

Heard of this sentence before?

Been there, done that.

The thing is, must I add the person's blog in my list if s/he wants to add mine to hers/his?

Issit some what of an obligation I have to make?

There is this one person. Seemed very interested to add mine. Yah I dunno what's so interesting in my blog that makes him wanna add it to his daily links. And he asked that similar question up there. I say okay, and my blog's url made it to the finals. Said thanx. That's all.

Some couple of days after that, he msged me. Asking why his blog isn't in my links yet. And I answered, "huh? (nada poyo)"

"I put yours in mine. I expect the same"
Real huh? coming from me. WTF?
"Sorry la, aku tak masuk blog ko sangat," I answered, "yg aku link tu semua yg aku masuk hari2"
"Nape? takleh ke? salah ke?"
"Tak la salah.. tapi"
"So? salah ke kalau aku tak letak link aku gi ari2 kat situ?"
"Eh aku tolong promokan ko nyer blog, takleh ke promokan blog aku gak?"

What a dickhead.

I replied, "Kalau nak mintak aku promokan blog ko, cakap la from the start."
"Ai, takkan la tu pun nak cakap. Paham2 sendiri la"


Is this person a 7-year-old child trapped in a 25-year-old man's body?

Later, when I checked his blog, my url's terminated.

I dun't mind, though. Not many traffic came from his site anyways.

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

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