Thursday, May 27

Oh My Crappy Life

While watching Latte@8 repeat with Asha Gill

I hate this. I have godzillions to type here. My crappy pc's still in the sick bay, and my crappy modem gonna be cremated some time in the near future. warghhh!!! tensi tensi.

here is a list of what i have in store (in no particular order):

1. won shrek2 contest last week. watched shrek2 on May 19th (meaning i was among the 1st malaysian to watch shrek2).

2. baru tau fergie BEP rupenye ex-wild orchids.. myahahahah patot la macam pernah ku lihat muka itu..

3. jumpa some "clever" nursery rhymes.

4. abih baca buku dale carnegie n living with crazy buttocks

5. alam ria cuti sekolah

6. teruk gak line tepon kena sambar petir ari tu.

7. pc farid pon jadi bongak gak. leptop ayah ade virus lak. leptop cheme tak beh.

8. american idol: diana or fantasia? aiundi fantasia @ 1-800-idol-02.

9. tadi klua mv paula abdul - straight up. muahahaha. same muahaha goes to locomotion mv, shout mv, and the one by krisskross.

10. gilmore girls. betul ke susunan episod yang baru ni?

11. kylie minogue's song parody: green-blooded ogre in making.

12. active influenza.

13. kain batik = sarong laa..

14. chemistry vs exile.

15. yoanna jadik antm 2nd season.

16. ending citer attic cat.

17. citer snow angels. toro tu bukan budak grup energy ke?

18. citer mvp tu bukan cam slam dunk ke?

19. anis beli saiyuki requiem, ain ade furuba. oh, pasal ain ade furuba dah taip dah. maybe.

20. perpindahan azreen ke blogspot (yeah u got my attention, baby!)

21. suara michel (gilmore girls) dalam shrek2. korang perasan tak?

22. i like that black-eyed peas song in that hotlink ad. anyone care to tell me the title?

23. nape banyak sangat singing contest skarang ni? and everybody in that audition sucks big time.

see? see? isk kalau tak dah ade maximum 23 entries by now. serious shit.

anyhow... what's the point in doing so... ?

i dunno how may people would bother to read em, somehow :P (lorat lak aku ni)

dah la. nanti kalau rajin sambung lagi. maklomlah nak update service pack on a 52.0kbps modem bukannye kejap. kan?

[added around 20 minutes later]

oh ye ade nak tambah sikit lagik ni in the list above...

24. nirmala bonat

25. cannie ong and noritta samsudin's trials

26. lyndie england

27. bush's different pronounciations of abu gharib (muahahaha to that dickhead)

whoa. why am i getting into serious matters (except for bush)? it just so not like me.

care to vote of what i should type in my next entry?

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

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