Monday, February 5

Retarded Disturbing People

In the mood for slapping some sort of people

MY friends and I went to a movie with losta disturbing scenes. A serious movie, that is. Eventhough they (the censorship) have thrown away the ones that are disturbingly sexual contents, the rest are still disturbingly disturbing. OK la, the title is Babel. So go watch if you like Lost In Translation or other movies of that sort.

Back to the topic.

So there we are, in the cinema with about 3/4 full seats. And I sat beside this Chinese guy. Huge built. Well, huge belly more like it.

A serious movie does not have lotsa funny scene. However, this bangsat beside me seemed to be amused by EVERY SCENE. He also laughed at the non funny scenes, like the ones where the tourist getting angry at Richard (Brad Pitt), the one where they say the embassy ain't gonna send any ambulance but a helicopter in exchange, the one where Youssef fired the rifle at the polizia, and the amazing one where the helicopter finally arrives at the Moroccan village. He laughed so loud, people started to wonder whether he have some broken fuses inside his head. Those scenes were not funny, for crying out loud!

And, what made me very disturbed by him was, he moves a lot. He shoved my arm off the armrest. He breached my comfort zone by having his arm on my seat. He kicked my legs! He even stamped my black coudroy (camtu ke eja?) with his shoe print! The first few times I was in the 'dowannafight' mood. Then I started brushing the shoe prints. Then when he did it for the upteenth time, I was like, 'Excuse me?!' and he goes like, 'Sorry'. No more shoe stamping. But the arm push and the needless laugh continued.

Sicko psycho... no, a mentally retarded dumbass more like it.

p/s ever realise most of my hate entries are written in english?

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

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