Tuesday, February 3


In the mood for 'Molla'ing by Maydoni

I just come to realize, all these times when I feel like giving up on solving(?) the Rubik's cube is because when I finally managed to complete one side, I'd be afraid to 'disturb' it to complete the other sides. Afraid that I will not be able to reverse the steps to get back to the yahoo!-all-9-same-colored-squares-on-one-face feeling.

Same goes with the past 20++ years of my life. I felt like I was contented enough with all the rezeki that Allah had gave me all this while, and not looking forward to do more challenging things in life (e.g. other than working in that so-called 'best place').

Now that I'm reaching the big three-oh, I feel like missing 1/2 of the adventures of life. To date, I don't really have significant items that I can truly call 'mine'. E.g., the car - my dad's. No land, no house, no estate, no loans, no responsibilities (as in family), no career to be proud of, none, nada, nilch. If you say that is good for me for not having anything to think and be stressed about (yet), thanks for the discouragements.

When I heard that a same-aged bachelorette friend of mine gonna own a house by mid-Feb, boy, how I envy her so much.

It's about time to flip the faces of the Rubik's cube. Will tell you when I finally manage to solve 'em all.

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy


anishussein said...

Big three-oh eh..? Share the moment please.. hahaha
No loans??!!! Life should be good. Huhuhu... Aku keje semata2 nak bayor utang... Bukannyer utk shopping pun.. Hahaha...
Biaq pi laa diorg nak beli keta ker, umah ker.. utang bulan2 duk bayor, duit makan minum tak cukup.. buat hape idup camtu..

deathBerry said...

heh heh heh

btw aku bejaye mengsolve rc itu sebanyak 3 kali dalam hari yang sama.. yay!!

atizeb said...

BUZZ!! we move to new URL.. vzens.com/blog .. dont forget to update ur link!! cheers