Thursday, April 2

Fate was Playing April Fool With Me.

In the mood for not going to work at all.

010409 - Sigh.
Must've been one of the most hellish day of my life, starting when I left my house compound. I just wanna think that I might have forgotten to recite the du'a before leaving, and nothing related to first April whatsoever.

[All events happened on first April 2009]

Woke up late - well, I've told #2 that I'll be in late today since I OT'd last night. So I don't consider that a biggie. Went to the balcony and all clothes are dry - which is good since it'll not be left overnight later. All last night dishes were washed; only the cups used for breakfast left - still good. And since everything went fine, I've decided to leave early and drive safely (I have been guilty of road rages. Those rages really affect my gas tank and my wallet.)

And then it started. Just when I was at the T-junction (to get into the main road of my housing area), this one stupid asshole of a school bus driver kept on honking. I don't mind if it's really my fault, but since it's not, I did have this thinking of should I either stay and not get into the main road, or should I just comply and keep quiet. (It just came across my mind, wouldn't it be funnier and my day less hellish if I actually honk together with that asshole, just for fun's sake?). And so I complied - complete with angry words coming outta my mouth.

And then, along the way from my housing area to the office in KL, it seems like I had a bunch of pigs (fig.) lining up in front of my car - right until I've reached the dreaded parking lot. How awesome. Luckily I arrived around 30 minutes to work - about 1/2 an hour earlier than I'd expected. Maybe since there were pigs around me, I'd become more like Darth Vader on the road (don't ask how D.V. can be related to pigs) and that made me arrive quite early than the stipulated time.

Got into the office, tag's working fine. Got into my seat, switched on my PC. Logged onto the email and the office's IM. And suddenly, that vermin (see previous post) IMed me. Bad news - whenever she IMed me first, it'll always be bad news, since she normally doesn't actually IM me for fun. And she asked me to do her part of work. Hating her in the first place is one thing, but then I actually know how she works everyday - and I don't actually approve the way she does it. Her asking people doing her part of work does not means she has lots of other things to do. She wanted me to understand her situation, but how can I do that if she doesn't understand mine? The thing that she asked me to do - I was not fully trained on it so I am not confident enough to do that without any person to refer to in front of me. And the nerves she got! Maybe she thinks me going to the KL office is just for fun, every time.

I get very emo'ed by that, and tried to contain my anger. But it just so happened that that lousy system I have wasn't working well, and I clapped my hands hard (once) in anger. #2 was surprised, and just before he got to ask me what happened, I left my desk and went to the break out area. Oh the agony. But I consoled myself by saying the vermin just asked for a hand. And that thing she need me to do was urgent, and she was 'so occupied'. After cooling down I just told her that I will help, but I'mma bug her with all my might. She said OK. Cool. #2 kept quiet.

Work, work, short presentation about the enhancement scheme, work, bought some chocolates, work, then lunch hour. Me, Miss Always-me (MA from now on) and the wedding singer (WS) walked to a fancy fast food chain in the heart of KL. The seats we always choose were reserved, so we have no other choice but to move somewhere... um.. quite near to those seats. Ordered, talked, talked, then I made my move to the loo. Just as I turned, I fell down. On the floor. On my knees. My knees weren't hurt but my pride was. Ceh. I can only manage to keep my cool. Again.

Then on my way back to the office, I fell again. In the middle of the road. This time I sprained my ankle. Guess my shoes are playing games with me, something like "Ooh there's a hole! Let's see if we can walk on it without falling down.". It hurts big time. I was actually limping on my way to buy a 20-sen pack of ice from the cafe vendor, and the way back to the office. Thanks for being considerate, MA and WS. I really appreciate your kindness for letting a limping person by herself, being friends and such. I really do.

After #2 finished his meeting with the Great Shambalah, he asked about what had happened earlier in the morning (reminder: We're working in UK shift, so 'morning' means 3pm - 6.55pm), and I said the vermin asked for my help and that's all. Then I told him I sprained my ankle, just for the sake of telling. And he just gave me a smug face. Ah, why bother. When the IT guy came to fix MA's PC (she was at a manager's place), I had asked #2 for the extension to where MA's is, but he said he dunno. Since MA advised earlier to tell the guy and the Grand Shambalah that she's at that place - without giving any extension - I actually walked to that place. Maybe #2 saw I was limping badly then, he quickly asked some people nearby for the manager's extension. But as that place is, like, 30 steps away, I just walked, limping or not, didn't matter. Dunno whether #2 felt guilty or not. As far as I am concerned, I wasn't concerned.

And now, the highlight of my day. I've decided to do that vermin's work after all. So I IMed her, asking for stuffs and some help. AND SHE'S ACTUALLY PACKING TO LEAVE. AT 11PM WHEN THE SHIFT SUPPOSE TO END AT 12. AND JUST BECAUSE SHE CAME IN AT 1.30 AND NO MORE THAN THAT. AND I WAS THE ONE WHO HAS TO DO HER FRIGGIN URGENT WORK WHEN I HAVE SEVERAL OF MY OWN TO DO. I cried. Anger caught me there and then. I rushed away from my desk to the break out area, only to find out there was a couple of ladies discussing work. Damn. No place for me to cry out all the angst inside. I made a short round the floor, then back to my desk. Poured my dissatisfaction to #2. Just because he's my boss. I didn't expected anything from him, just wanting him to listen. Blablayadayada. Day ended.

And somehow (minus the part where I had to wait for this another unfavorable person - but that's another story) after the clock stroke 12, I felt like my life has returned to normal with the exception of my swollen feet. Truly, it must've been all the April Fool vibes being concentrated towards me that eventful day.

Am now thinking to come in late later today, if not taking EL.

Not being rebellious, but the swollen feet is kinda blue (lit. & fig.) at the moment. If I can't even walk to the loo, how can I press the clutch pedal on my manual car?

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy


raggedyanne said...

awatlar malang sgt nasib ni. shud have told off that vermin lar. just say no next time ok?

how's ur feet now?

deathBerry said...

I'm planning to ask that vermin what time she came in and going back first before saing yes next time, yeah.

My feet is still swollen, only dah surut sikit. But can drive la now, thanx to my super light and comfy Asadi slippers.