Thursday, February 11

Choosing can never be easy.

Especially when you have two new gadgets, like me. It's kinda
troubling to choose which one you want to godek first.

In my case, eventho my iPod is nearly two months old, I still have not
getting bored with it yet. Especially when this thing got echofon and
wifi access. And also my writers' block seems non-existant when I have
this in my hand.

As for my Lollipop - which I got just about 2-3 days ago, there's many
more to explore. But the lack of wifi access made me thinking twice to
bring it to dinner. But I love looking at that precious thing as I've
been wanting it eversince watching the ad, and it just so happen that
I might be among the lucky ones yang dapat godek mende alah ni dulu.

To bring both together for dinner is kinda suicidal. Tak cukup tangan
keyyyy (sorry, not a fan of handbags).

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