Wednesday, May 30

I am the frog who refuses to get out of my coconut shell.

Weekend baru ni kan pegi Kedah for majlis Cia belah lelaki pulak. I dunno, maybe because I was too tired or not enough sleep, petang Sabtu tu aku pi bantai tidur instead of following mom to Pekan Rabu yang sangat hampir dengan hotel. And the next morning pulak lepas breakfast pi sambung tidur sampai masa untuk berkemas dan checkout.

Bila dah balik rumah, baru terasa macam loser. I mean, I was geared up with my digihari and should take the opportunity to grab some pics for my tumblr updates.

Instead, it seems like sleep is much more important to me. Aigoo. I am thirty plus YO, and I think I should see the world more before it's too late, don't you think?

Can somebody take me away please?

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

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