Friday, February 29

☆ Heavenly Psycho ☆

In the mood for Heavenly Psycho by Kanjani8

Tak... ni memang blog saya... deathberry@blogspot.
Saje je nak tukau nama blog nih.
Jangan terkujat pulak... (in case terkujat la. Kalau tak terkujat takyah la buat2 terkujat)

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy


Faizal said...

nice pibky blog.. but why"death berry" .. why not the berry that still alive... just asking..

deathBerry said...

Ahehhehe... thanks. But what's "pibky" yer?

"deathberry" - this was taken from an manga that I like a lot once upon a time.. The main char's name is Ichigo (strawberry), and he's a shinigami (literally "death lord", tho' I don't like to use the exact translation). Hence shinigami Ichigo = deathlord strawberry = deathberry for short.

..and no, the berry's not dead. The exact translation for deathberry is "berry maut" not "berry mati" (deadberry).

raggedyanne said...

oh baru ku tahu..... :)