Saturday, March 29

Anak Pak Lil Yang Aku Pernah Suka Dulu..

In the mood for Misetekure by KJ8

I found him.
On Blogsphere.
Dang, he looks so... emm... older than I last saw him?
[FYI his face looks a bit like Rosyam Nor + Rain, up to you to say he's handsome or not. For me... more in the middle.]

OK la... he's more handsome than before. Just because he's older than I last saw his face (in the newspapers la).

At first, I was like, "Kenapa laaa aku broke off ngan dia dulu?" (eventho cuma suka suki je... Zaman2 mula chatting dulu, paham2 la kejap jee dah suka kat orang)
Then, when I read his previous blog entries (he hadn't updated his blog since.. um.. 2006?) I was actually thankful that he's not in my life anymore.

Let's just say that he's a bit psychotic [one e.g.: arsonist? Let's not go any more further]...

Hmm... this entry won't get you anywhere... since I've lost my words...

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy


raggedyanne said...

seriously?? arson? uik creepy sia. ada hikmah rupanya kan?

itu hari gua pun ada saja google nama crush gua masa sekolah2 dulu. egege, i'm proud to say he's happily married with two children :D

this won't get you anywhere either, just saying we all think of our exes and crushes time and again

deathBerry said...


true, true...