Sunday, March 23

Open Letter to My Nakamatachi

In the mood for takde mood

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dear nakamatachi,

[sorry to downgrade from tomodachi... somehow i don't feel like i'm in the clique anymore]

aku tak leh nak tido sebab asyik terfikirkan perkara yang akan aku taip sebentar lagi. well, that probably not your problem, right?

berkenaan dengan insiden tayar bergedonk dengan bahu jalan malam semalam.

memula aku nak cakap kat sini,
1. no, i don't think she's a novice. in fact, i'm more novice than her.
2. and also, the fact why i spontaneously said "kan..!" is because she said she need to do balancing for her car - her stereng lari, and she's due from her first 1000km servicing (ayat aku betoi ka? aa bantai tak de orang pedulik).

why do i have a feeling that you think i said that because i think she doesn't know how to drive?

recently, i feel like whatever i said is WRONG. no, i mean, almost everything i said is wrong.

is it wrong for me to have this feeling?

okay, back to the incident.

another reason why i uttered the "kan..!" was, i've experienced the same problem before. the gedonks, i mean. and, tragically, rim tayar aku kemek. she's lucky that hers are okay.

am i wrong to be cautious? am i wrong to say it out loud that i don't feel safe?

ye lah... keter tu keter dia. bukan keter orang lain. tapi dia beli keter guna apa? air liur? kalau rosak nak bayar guna apa? air liur? and this comes from people who maxed out their credit cards. hmm.

you're just lucky that i'm the kind of person who thinks really carefully AFTERWARDS. if only i answered you back on the spot, well, i'll've a huge bet that you wont talk to me for at least a week. no, make it a fortnight. hmm nope, a month. you've done that before.

how do i remember? i hold grudges like no one else.

yeah, i do expect you won't be talking to me anytime soon. nah, you won't even ask me to hang out with you guys for the next weekends. but, heck, how many times i actually hang out with you guys last year?

yang menjalankan tugas

dB Gonzales


dah lepas dah semua. yang nak cakap la. but not the grudges.

oh, that's where my sarcasm comes from. omoshiroi. honmani.

baik lah, marilah berbaik2 dengan menonton vidiu di bawah:

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

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