Wednesday, April 9

My Characteristics

In the mood for Sukiyanen, Oosaka by KJ8

According to an excel programme sent by a colleague of mine, the below are my characteristics:


* Active and dynamic
- don't think so.

* Decisive and hateful but tends to regret
- can't see how decisiveness is related to hateful, but sometimes I do tend to regret after deciding something....

* Attractive and affectionate to oneself
- attractive? ....

* Strong mentality
- I dunno. might be...

* Loves attention
- hahahaha lawaknye :P

* Diplomatic
- yeah... sometimes. most of the time, more like it. that's why selalu kena pijak.

* Consoling
- I once tried to console someone, tapi kena marah balik. So sekarang tak bape consoling la... haha sungguh la alasan.

* Friendly and solves people's problems
- I'm not friendly, I'm just anti-social.

* Brave and fearless
- as in thinking twice of doing bungee jumping, and in the end not doing it at all?

* Adventurous
- tu bukan saya.. hahaha

* Loving and caring
- selalunye kucing2 kat rumah tu aku la tukang sepak/pijak ekor >:)

* Suave and generous

* Emotional
- hmm true, true

* Revengeful
- I would say I hold grudges like nobody else

* Aggressive
- that is, when someone push my aggresive button. otherwise, not applicable.

* Hasty
- that depends.

* Good memory
- I don't even remember my middle name. wait, do i even have a middle name?

* Moving
- i don't quite get this...

* Motivate oneself and the others

* Sickness usually of the head and chest
- this is true.

* Easily get too jealous
- this is also true.

p/s saya binchi kat bos saya sikarang ni at the mo.

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

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