Saturday, June 7

Delayed Telecast

In the mood for O2 by Orange Range

Hmm. This time I blame it on PR (a game I played like it's the end of the world in FB, yeah I know lotsa my FB frens being cold toward me because of this, so I gladly announce that I retire from it... for now. But if I do continue playing it in the future, I promise (if Allah wills) I won't send daily invites to you. But, it'll be much better if you just add the app(s), then just leave it if you don't feel like trying it out. That way you won't receive any invites anymore, rite? Hehe panjang pulak justifikasi nih).

Seriously, this app has taken most of my online-streaming-vids time and also my blogging/tumblring time. Nasib baik la twitter aku nih ade.. so in a way I do update my blog la =D

And also, banyak jugak nak bercerita ni... tapi since I don't think a compilation of it would be appealing, so I'll make different posts for different stories.

Supaya tidak lupa, better aku list down kat post nih jugak keywords yang nak cerita in the near future:
1. We Got Married
2. Albutt d'Five
3. Old team
4. Naik minyak
5. Kehilangan
6. ... dah tk ingat dah. Nanti2 la ingat.

And also, since bulan lepas aku rase takde sejibon pun Lo5 kat tumblr, so aku kena bayar hutang la.. bape ye Lo5 sebulan aku cakap nak buat last time? Oh, 10 entries termasuk Lo5. So, bulan ni buat 20 la??? Haish. Nasib baik la "termasuk".

Ok lah for now. Nak nengok WGM Andy+Solbi b4 subuh. Nanti later2 aku update lagik.

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

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