Tuesday, March 10

Sorry Sorry

In the mood for Sorry Sorry by Super Junior, giler addicting lagu nieh!

Last week, that vermin named Karamel did something that pissed me off big time. For the previous weeks, she had been going off early for several times without me knowing (which is not the source of my.. piss), and Bos#2 sent her an email to tell her last Wednesday to advise me every time she wanna leave early. And I said thanks to #2. And I was cool.

So, Thursday came. By the time I came in that day, she should've read that email. And realised that I was also included in the TO list. But, as the day gone by, she did not even acknowledged the email #2 sent (to me la, not to #2). I dunno why, but I was the very berry pissed off, but I didn't make it obvious le. No point, since she's quite an oblivious (if not ignorant) person.

So then it's Friday. I had requested for half day leave for that day on Wednesday, and #2 approved it. I made an effort not to inform Karamel about it, being a grudgy person and all. But somehow, throughout Thursday and Friday I gave hints that I'll be leaving early. The day went by as usual, until the time I supposed to go. THEN I purposely went to her place and told her I'll be leaving in a short while. She made a shocked face, not knowing anything about my half day. And I told her, "Didn't #2 told you? I THOUGHT #2 told you already." Smirks.

And so today (Tuesday), I did not speak to her about miscellaneous things at all (meaning, only work related things) since I was still teh pissed off. And just one and a half hour before she went back (she's on half day this time) she came to my place and said sorry.

At that instance, Sorry Sorry started playing in my head.

And being an Aries, my grudgy feeling subsided and I forgave her. And remind her not to repeat that in the future. Am I a good person or what? Gehhhhhh

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

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