Wednesday, November 4


In the mood for You and I by Park Bom

Ok I have 30 minutes to kill, and can't remember what am I supposed to be searching. So I decide to test my typing skills on this new lappie.

Oh did I tell you that I have a new lappie?


Well, not entirely mine lah. I share the cost with two of my sisters. Can't afford to get a VAIO.. and this one is a second-hand purchase. Better than nothing, aite?

That old lappie - not mine btw - will gonna be traded in with another new lappie for my lil sis in JB. Since that lappie is.. 8? 9? 10 years? I bet we won't get much. But finally to get rid of it... It's kinda sad, though.

(Typed the above for 5 minutes and already feel bored.)

OK lah tu je bai.

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

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