Saturday, November 20

Nak Marah Pun Tak Boleh.

WMP playin' Sound (Yeah Yeah Yeah) by VNT

I love to collect glycerin soaps. The one pictured above is one of the three soaps that I've been keeping for 15 years. 15 YEARS. You can't find it anywhere in Malaysia now.

And I am very pissed right now to know that one of it is missing. The one I love most, the one with chamomile and sunflower (tah.. cover dia dah kena buang so tak bape ingat. 15 YEARS ok!). I mean, I've been keeping it dearly, maybe I might use it in the future (but I doubt so la..), so, wouldn't it be appropriate if that someone who wants it asked my permission first? And that someone might get a better soap (Body Shop cranberry soap? Bought a year ago? Compared to the cheap 15-year-old Palmolive?). Argh.

And I saw it just now. In my mum's washroom.

Takleh nak marah. Sebab mak sendiri yang ambik.

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

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