Sunday, January 2

Reasons, schmeasons.

Wanna know the reasons on why I didn't put my resolutions for 2011 in the previous post, and posted about my Internet presence target instead?

Well, for starters, I avoid making new resolutions each coming new year, only to get them not achieved by year end. Let's just say that I'll get whatever I want to do anytime possible to me and my surroundings. That way, I can constantly check my priorities. Not that I'm saying having new year resolutions should be avoided, but you know deep down in your heart that you might not want to do it soon, only to find it's already December and it's kinda too late.

Next, I really, really need to brush up on my writing skills. Not that I haven't written anything in the past year, but I don't think sending lengthy emails to the business partners can be considered as one. And also, I need to get my brains active again by stimulating my imaginations to be as what it has been before.

And to overcome my laziness, I think I need to have it recorded digitally (though I can have the ideas written albeit neatly on my precious notebook - the one with binded papers and not the electronic one).

Oh, and about the vids/audio I've mentioned, they're supposed to be mine. Not the regular vidmarking from YouTube or anywhere else. Genuinely mine. Maybe I might do covers of any songs I like, or a video like what I did last time on my way to work etc.

I think that concludes what I wanted to say for now. Can't really check this post properly as I'm typing from my iPod and the screen is small for me to do the final check. With that said, adieu.

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