Friday, August 12

I have a translation due 9am today but I don't care because I want to post this.

Jamming to Be Mine by Infinite.

I've been listening to K-pop since 12 years ago. This length of time also includes my sibs, meaning my youngest sister who is now 20 years old have been a seonbae to you people who just started listening to Kpop and think SuJu or TVXQ or Big Bang is the best in the world and no one can compete with them at all.

But that's not the story I'm telling today.

In this past 12 years, I've seen countless performances, even back then when no one busy minding people lipsynching. No high expectation whatsoever. In fact, whenever these Kpop idols sang live, we were truly awed.

But I'm not writing about singing live either.

The main reason why I am so hooked up with Kpop is the choreography, the dance - one of the many reasons why I don't really listen to ballads. The first to get me hooked in Kpop is Shinhwa. And also the original Baby VOX. I remember being laughed at by my friend when I downloaded my first Baby VOX perf, Why. And I felt a bit embarrassed by it actually, but that was like 12 years ago so it doesn't really matter now (although there'll be rare occasions when I will be 'sakated' again, sigh).

Everytime a new song came out from my favourite singers, I will always look forward for their performance. There I can see the dance steps in (not really) full glory. But I didn't think much about it, until one day one of my sisters pointed out that the transition of the one singing to the other was very smooth, we didn't realised the change until the next voice was heard.

I don't really remember which song, but I think it was either Shinhwa's or TVXQ's.

Gile babas cantik.

And it made me appreciate the song more to see such flawless transitions.

So nowadays, I look forward for any perfs and dance practices from any Kpop idols (mostly the ones I like lah), and the ones with those kind of transitions. I don't really care if they do awesome backflips, or fighting scenes, or twisting and turning, or usher/JT style, or sitting on the floor making waves with their legs, or dead sychronised, or rotating etc. Ok lah, apart from humorous dance and dead synchronised dance.

And then there it is.

Be Mine - Infinite.

Synchronised - checked.
Humorous - em no point to have it in this song.
Awesome transitions - HOYEAH.

First point - Intro from 00:04 to 00:07. OSM.
From L to Hyun, 00:30. OSM.
01:22, Gyeol to the center. OSM.
01:29, Hoya and DW to the center, L quietly at the back. OSM.
01:56, Jong to Hyun, OSM.
2:22-2:24, methinks me have seen this on TVXQ nye perf. Like it. Coz' it's OZM.
The whole choreography - love it.

One thing that bothers me most when I watch such awesome dance - I will watch it again, first 2x everyone, then individual following their singing sequences, then everyone again 1x. Imagine if it's SuJu. 14x pun ado.

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

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