Sunday, April 1

Breaking the Norm.

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No, actually taking a break from translating.

It was a hectic month, March was. Mostly because of the wedding held for my sisters. Lots of thing happened, one of it would be one of the celebrated sisters warded due to bacteria infection. Agak sedih la, knowing how much she had spent - money, energy and time - for her wedding to go well. Hmm, takpelah, dah takdir Allah nak jadi macam tu. I won't story much about the wedding, apart from the event went for 3 days straight. Penatnya sampai sekarang tak sudah. And I did not have the heart to speak back to Mum yang expects me to do every housework all by myself, now there's no one else at home. Cukuplah kan pasal tu. Buat penat je nak fikir. All I know I have to be stronger now.

Apart from the wedding, it was also tiring since I had to back up one of my colleague. Masalahnye bukan the backing up, but another back up. Let's just say that back up did not live up to the words and promises made - in other words, agak menyusahkan aku jugak la. And also kisah sistem buat pasal big time pulak. Penat. Penat bangat.

Hopefully April this year will bring many happiness to me and the people around me.

Welcome, April, to my embrace.

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

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