Saturday, October 5

Actually this post is taken from my Tumblr since I have more follower there lol

180° Mood Change

I was playing around with my smartphone when this cute barista kiddo handed me my latte.

Barista: Kak (Big sis), here’s my heart for you. **referring to the heart-shaped design he made on the latte

I held my laugh while thinking, “Aduhai, so cheesy!” Apparently next door is Burger King, so I answered after a few kikikiki moment:

Me: If I want some cheese, I’d rather get it from next door.

Then this kiddo and other two baristas beside him let out a big laugh while I controlled mine until I left the premise.

Did I look so stressed back then? Anyways, thanks for making my day :)

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

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