Sunday, October 20

Bed-bounded again.

There are reasons why I hate going out when it's raining; one of them is I easily fall sick.

Right now my throat is very sore, and my breathing sounds like something that probably comes out from a raptor. Mucus, phlegm - you name it, I got it.

The fan's speed is at minimum but it feels like the wind at the docks during fall. I have to let the fan on for air circulation or I'll have more trouble breathing.

All due to walking in the rain 4x yesterday. When you need to take out/put a wheelchair from/into the car boot you won't have that extra hand to hold an umbrella.

Sigh. I hate being sick. Especially when mom will translate it as laziness. And now I feel like a sausage roll - nicely wrapped in my comforter.

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