Tuesday, September 7

Cik Siti yang Glemer

Winamp playin' Morning by Toshiro Masuda

i was browsing for interesting japanese or korean video clips or performances to download in this one forum, when suddenly i came across this posting about this very person.

who else? siti nurhaliza tarudin lah. mind the spelling of her father's name. i don't actually care whether it has 2 'd's or not.

tak rase pelik ke? posting pasal cik siti ni kat foreign forum. what's more interesting is, the posting was started by someone who claims a non-malaysian. humm i dunno whether that person's really non-malaysian, but possible kan? pastu banyak la pulak reply dia. siap letak link download mv plak tuh. fuhh...

despite the ongoing bad bad bad rumours spreading here in her own country, she did well in making fans in others. nice, eh? i'm not a fan of siti, but i don't despise her either. and i was like awed to hear that she, as a malaysian, is doing fine in the international music scene. sama la macam pgl yg pegi venice (ye?) tuh.. bangga weh.

ade satu reply ni pulak cakap there should be an english version of her official website (betul ke takde? i really dunno). hmm what say you, you daifan (die-hard fan) of siti?

the good thing coming from this is, when the time comes, the world will open their eyes to malaysian music scene. secara tak langsung boleh la nanti semua yg terlibat dalam music scene kita ni murah rezeki dia. lagi2 kalau jual cd murah2, sure sangat la orang luar beli. tambah lagi duit masuk. and by that time, i might pursue my dream of being one of the music makers. ahaks.

anyhow, congrats to siti.

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

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