Monday, November 1

A Small Effort Goes A Long Way...

got this from a friend.. quote:

not sure how effective this online petition thing is exactly. but i guess it's the effort that counts?

Please take action!!!!!!!

To all of you..........

I have searched in Google and this is true. I never forward any messages to everyone until I am sure of the authenticity of the message. Just type "Craig Winn" in Google and check it out for yourself.

Please help stop a book (written by Craig Winn) that attacks the Prophet Mohammed (SAW) from being sold by signing the petition (click on the URL shown below to take you to the petition). It'll only increase hatred in this world.

The book's title is "The Prophet of Doom"! If the hyperlink in the email is not active, you can just copy the URL and paste it in your browser's address space and than press enter. Please email this email to all your friends in the community.

Copy & paste the link below to access the petition:

Thank you.

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

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