Thursday, October 28

kyaaaa sangwoo oppa!!!

Winamp playin' Shooting Star by Shinhwa

huhh... baru je klua stairway to heaven, dah klua into the sun plak? hari ni episod satu.... huhh dapat jugak nak nengok sangwoo oppa dalam cite ni. muhahahaha nampak gaya satu malaysia (yg dapat 8tv) demam kwon sangwoo oppa lepas ni. takpe takpe. aku dah cop dia dulu. muhahahahaha! (perasan abih!)

(entry ni saje nak kasitau cite sangwoo oppa yang kacak, 'into the sun' ade kat 8tv, kol 5pm.)

review: taken from

Tae Yang Sohk Euh Roh - Into the Sun (SBS)
cast: Kwon Sang Woo, Myung Se Bin, Jung Tae Woo, Kim Jung Hwa, Jung Sung Hwan

As a healthy and honest Marine, Kwon Sang Woo isn't afraid to reveal his feelings towards anybody, including Myung Se Bin. When his sister (Kim Jung Hwa) is hospitaized, Kwon falls in love with Myung Se Bin, a doctor at the hospital. Trying to win her love isn't easy when Myung is sill grieving for her dead fiancee. Eventually, though, Myung falls her his honest personality, but the mysterious death of her fiancee stirs up trouble later on. Truths become revealed as she finds out that her fiancee's death is related to Kwon and Jung Sung Hwan (another doctor who loves Myung). In the meanwhile, Kwon's Marine "hoo bae" Jung Tae Woo gets to know Kim Jung Hwa at a nightclub. Being the player he is, he tries to win her, not knowing that she is Kwon's sister. They like eachother, but in fear of Kwon finding out, the two use all kinds of methods to hide their relationship. As various characters find love in a different way, this drama attempts to show the healthy love story of four people.

rating: Great
comments: This is a very cute drama which is very humorous and relaxing to watch. All four characters are so unique, and the actors/actresses who play them portray them very well. really recommended!

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

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