Saturday, June 10


In the mood for Ouran High School Host Club

when somebody's eating something that does not suit your nose, the best things you can do are (in no ranking order)
1. move to other place. silently.
2. ask the person to move. courteously.
3. bear with it. then talk behind that person's back after he/she leaves.


simply say that the food that person's eating smells bad - loudly, without telling that person personally - and while doing so, hoping that person would leave and eat at another place quite far from you.

sorry, but i did not get your drift when you say loudly to your wife that the paramesan cheese i was eating with my lasagna smells like some kind of vomit. it's the food court; i also have the right to be there, like you and your family. but having the right to be there does not mean having the right to kutuk belakang2 in front of me (get it?).

you see, if you do ask me to sit a bit far from your family as my food smells bad, maybe i might consider it. maklomlah, as the saying goes, 'respect thy neighbors'. i'm quite a considerate person what. and i respect people if they respect me.

you don't have to be rude to have things go your way.

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

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