Tuesday, January 2

And the first post for 2007 goes to...

In the mood for O.Jung.Ban.Hab by Dong Bang Shin Ki

... the lyrics of the song that I currently like.


so how was your new year celebration? mine? ah, don't you remember, i don't actually celebrate the romanic new year? well, pity you, then.

but eventho i don't celebrate it, that does't mean that i don't acknowledge it (i mean, who doesn't when everytime the number changes, so does our age.. ne?). for this year especially, since it's the Visit Malaysia Year - significantly marking the 50th year of Malaysia's independence. ironically i'm typing this thing in the language of the colonialist. and bad at it, too.

ah back to the subject.

i'm not good at promoting my own country to the rest of the world (including intergalactical species) since my blog does not meant to be any sort of promotion medium.. well, obviously since i dont actually write every entry in english, if you get what i mean. but then since this year is quite special to my country and considering the fact that there are some visitors from other countries, why not? it's not a bad thing either, this promoting thingie.

so, as starters, if you feel like travelling, do come to my country. for info on Malaysia, the best place to start is http://www.tourismmalaysia.com/, or lonely planet, or just type visit malaysia 2007 in your search engine (clicking the link will get you to google search), it's that simple. don't bother asking me as i don't travel a lot. heh heh heh.

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

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