Monday, July 23

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

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I just love happy ending. But this one is far more awesome than the previous books!

Baruuu je tammat abih baca buku HP7 ni. Tak sangka pulak dapat jugak membeli buku ni on the release date itself! Dah le dapat yang adult version punye cover... lagi le serunduts! And, no guessing where I got my copy of that book. Just say luck's by my side, ok? :snickers:

Jalan cerite takyah nak cite la yer, nanti spoils your mood to read the book pulak. All you have to know that this last instalment of the HP saga ends well. Dan juga banyak misteri sudah terbongkar.. yahahaha misteri ape tu, kena la baca sendiri. Yang penting, Snape bukan orang jahat muhahahahahahahahahahaha :P

I'm very glad I bought the book (despite the dissapointing HP5 movie..) and manage to read it to the very end of the very last page in just two days (if you count the time I bought the book (10:00 pm on the 21st) and the disturbance caused by my bro and also the extended sleeping time caused by a feverish feeling). Never had this excitement before when reading the Order and the Prince. And I actually anticipated the movie for this one! Hahaha siap buleh bayang lagi, nasib baik pegi nengok movie HP5 walaupun tak bape beh bagi aku. Buleh imagine muka luna lovegood, cho chang, ginny weasly, neville longbottom, draco and the gang, and not forgetting harry and his gang bila dah umo 17 tahun.

Ape tunggu lagi? Pegi la beli cepat (kalau jumpa la) kalau korang suka ngan HP saga ni! Have fun reading!

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