Monday, June 1

Just for The Sake of Updating

In the mood for Insomnia by Wheesung

It's 4am++. I was going to retire for the day (again, for the second time) when I saw the link to his blog (his name has to be protected in order not to be suntuted by him later when he sees this entry iuaheoiaehiheoaiue :P).

After knowing him for a while, I really, really thought his spoken English is flawless (compared to mine). And I had some WTF moments where he publicly mocking my pronunciations and such - it's not like English is my mother tongue or something, so for me it's kinda acceptable la kan. SO when I saw the link to his blog and read his entries, I was like, OMG the fa├žade. Lucky he works in a call centre, answering calls (duh) and don't need to draft replies to important correspondences. And it's not like he wrote articles for the daily news.

Nobody's perfect, right?

And it's not like my written English is waaaayyyy much better than him. But there's this thing call SPELLCHECKER. Use it.

In another limelight, my (cousin's) cat Montel and her four kittens (the fifth one passed away that very morning) has left the premise until further notice. It's kinda sad to see her go, with all her adorable-but-sickly second-batch kittens, after three? four? five? years taking care of her.

She was a good cat, almost all the time had her business done where it supposed to be, being sweet and all. But to take care all of her bushy kitties is really a hard work, especially for my sis Chea, since cleaning them would be very tiresome as they're still small and don't know how to dry themselves after baths. It hurts to watch every time my mum bathe them; she did not towel them dry like she supposed to do. And they'd shiver until one of us took them upstairs and blow dry them up

And so, I (on behalf of my sibs) wish them happy life with Montel's rightful owner.

Okay, time to wrap it up. Will story about my friend's new-found happy life later.

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

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