Wednesday, June 17


In the mood for Goodbye my Love by 8eight

Lo5 things that I want at this instant (6:10pm MYT)
1. Starbucks' Hazelnut Hot Chocolate
2. KFC
3. Time Off
4. My friend's book
5. Extra sleep

Lo5 things I want to do at the moment
1. Singing loudly in the middle of the office
2. Blog
3. Write short stories
4. Dance to 2NE1's FIRE and 2PM's Niga Mibda
5. Drive to the nearest KFC

Lo5 thing I have to do against my will at the moment
1. Macro
2. Refrain from taking short nap
3. Pretend that I'm in a really bad mood
4. Not imagining the succulent KFC chicken
5. Stay awake

Lo5 I wish for at the moment
1. All my good buddies to sign up for Twitter and be active
2. Powerful yet affordable internet connection at home
3. Megaupload not being shitty when I download the dramas when I get back from work today
4. Half-day leave
5. World peace

Lo5 things I will do after typing this
1. Lock my PC
2. Go to the washroom
3. Go to the cafeteria after that
4. Get one piece of fried chicken
5. Eat that fried chicken

(At this time of posting, I'm eating that piece of fried chicken.. yum!)

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

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