Tuesday, January 12


I am typing this during my break time in the office. I dunno why I still prefer this absurd touch screen keyboard than the actual one to type things like this, but in a way I am thankful that this made me wanna type more. 

As usual there's nothing to type, other than I manage to read two books within the time frame of 7 days. Kire berjaya jugak la my resolution to read 1 book/week or 4 books/month. Bole laaa. For the time being. Tapi harap2 dapat la diteruskan sampai hujung tahun. 

Speaking about resolutions, I've encountered two live cases where these two person I know has already broken them. One case would be this girl who resolute to not succumbing to chocolates and snacks and carbonated drinks. It went well for the first 10 days. Siap letak kat FB yang dia berjaya mengelak makan chocolate cake mak dia yang (she claimed herself to be very) sedap. Tabik sejekap la.   

However when suddenly our other friend took out the hamper that we received last December, her resolution start shaking. Like, there's nothing as great as her mum's cake - Chipsmore and Oreos je! - tapi itu je pun dah boleh kalahkan dia. Hah hah. 

Ok time's up. Tell me about yours; are they still intact? 

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

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