Tuesday, April 27

I can't sleep.

Nope, it's not about the nerve-wrecking decision which I'm gonna make in this near future, but more to my upcoming 10-day core leave. What should I do? Where should I go? Who should I bring along? How should I travel? And most importantly, when should I take it?

Doing this current job I'm doing actually gives me nearly no options at all to get the time window that I want. I can only apply for leave AFTER the 20th every month, thanks to my line mgr for not assigning back-ups for me all these while.

Berbalik kepada isu cuti. 10 days is a lot. I don't know how or in what way should I fill it up, after all these years with a 5-day core leave. Gile mati kutu la. Lagi-lagi dalam keadaan takde sorang pun dalam klik asocialku ini yang mahu ke luar negara jauh-jauh.

Patutkah aku carik travel agent dan pergi sensorang?

Tapi 10 hari tu lama sangat!

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