Monday, October 22

Core Leave 2012

I'm gonna have my core leave of 10 days next month. 10 effin days. But I still haven't decide what to do - other than stay at home.

But one thing I don't understand - why do people think that you must go for a vacation during your long leave? I got people around me asking what's my plan and where would I go in that planned 10-day leave, and they were quite amused when I said I don't have any plans other than to stay at home.

Yes I understand, that this length of time might be the only chance in this whole year for me to get around, travelling.

But seriously? Can't I just relax for that full 10 days? It's not like I'll be relaxing every day; I still would have to fetch me dad from his dialysis every Tue, Thu and Sat. I still would cook for the entire family (at home), do some house cleaning + washing laundry, buy groceries, etc.

It's not that I have a knack for travelling pun.

Especially if I go somewhere with the people whose company I won't be enjoying, or they won't enjoy mine. Who don't have the same level of thinking as mine and vice versa. Who would want me to chip in fares to go places they want to go or do things they want to do, but not mine.

And it's not that I can't travel alone. The only thing that would put me off is me not leaving the paid-for bed to enjoy the surrounding scenery or something like that. Like, pergi jauh2 tapi duk kat bilik dan tido je?

Dah dasar pemalas. Baik takyah pergi.

I think I'd rather save all that money for my expensive trip next year.

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

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