Sunday, August 8

Boa: Asia's Britney Spears?

Winamp playin' My Name by BoA

[taken from credits to DJKing]

An Internet war of sorts has gotten attention lately over Boa's alleged plagiarism of US star Britney Spears. It has gotten so out of hand that Boa's record label has vowed a possible lawsuit due to what they called irresponsible slander caused by racial discrimination. It all started when an undisclosed American website recently claimed that Boa's new music video "My Name" copied Spears' mv "Toxic." The site went so far as to claim that Boa is a carbon copy of everything that is Britney Spears. Since then varying opinions have been posted by both Boa and Britney fans about the issue at different Internet cafes. Some are claiming that besides the music video the music istelf sounded similar. Boa fans however responded that "Toxic" is too much of an "erotic" video to be compared with "My Name" and that they found nothing similar at all. Some even responded that it was absurd people would have the nerve to compare world star Boa with mere US star Britney Spears. This is hardly the first time Boa has been accused of copying the American pop star. Everything from fashion, to music video, to image, downright to stage clothes has been rumored of being plagiarized. According to many web observers such comparisons are inevitable as Boa already proclaimed by her fans as Asia's top star keeps making ascensions to world status as a pop singer.

To listen to BoA - My Name, click here.
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ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

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