Thursday, January 13

I Hate Them Frucking Bloody Open Perverts

In the mood for Orange Range's Asterisk

in this small group of 14 trainees which consist of 7 guys and 7 gals (and none in-betweens), it is justified that ALL guys are perverts (in this bloody group, of course). even the most religious-looking guy is actually a pervert. i'd like to say they are dirty-minded, but, yeah, that word simply can't describe them. being not so open-minded, i hate to hear overly-used dirty kind of jokes and expressions and gestures, which (really) makes me wanna puke. and the rest of the girls (including the ones looking so religious) don't actually mind of this kemelampauan (which are very near to be called sexual harassment).

i admit, being the 'sore tooth' kinda makes me unlikeable (lagi2 aku rase macam nampak cambagus je aku kat sana padahal sebenarnye tidak). they don't talk to me like they talk to others. it's far from respecting my opinions, views, etc. it's like i'm not in the clique. even in discussion, they kinda don't like me in their group. yah, who like people with all-time different opinions? but in this case, it's sexual harassment, dude! i dun expect them to understand my need for clean environment; i just want them to respect me as i am. paham dak? their bloody jokes is not funny, do it on someone else, ok. bukan nak berlagak bagus. salah ke kalau ada opinion sendiri?

and that is the main reason why i don't want to go to gabai with them this coming saturday. i don't feel safe with a bunch of open perverts. and kalau pegi pon buat tambah dosa je. tak berkat keje aku nanti.

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

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