Monday, January 24

Kemuncak Tensi

In the mood for belasah somebody

(entry ni dibuat ketika kepala tak stabil and tengah tensi ngan semua orang harharhar)

aha... i guess that somebody in my group has already read my entry (welcome to my blog, dude) about the perverted people, because none of them (including the girls) actually greeted me this morning. come to think about it, no one ever greeted me (except for the first 3 weeks, i guess). hmm what to say, i'm not that easygoing or 'laser' like the rest, and i tend to 'float' here and there, never stick to anybody. harharhar that's just like me. nak buat camne kan. it's not like i never approach them; i did it all the time! well, except from last week, when people started to ignore me. and they did it to me first! arghh!!! susah la hidup ngan orang yang tak sekepala ngan kita. hah~ and also, i think, it's because i'm the most immature one (anime and manga, harharhar, when the rest left the animation world, like, 10 years ago), and it was I who's not sekepala with the rest. ah well. nak buat camne. i'm an introvert person. hah hah hah (sarcastic laugh). ah well, guess i just keep myself stong for like another 5 days. lepas tu buleh blaaahhhhh laaa korang muahahahahaha (evil laugh).

(sori ah grupmet. saje nak lepas tensi ni sebenanye. azreen weh! apdet la blog selalu! aku bosan tahap siak ni :P)

eh! tetiber rasa hepi la pulak! sebab dah nampak oujisama (budak yang aku ushar tu) muhahahaha!! hepi hepi hepi (sambil tepuk tangan ni)!!!

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

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