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The intivation of Shinhwa to attend and perform for MAA 2005 had been released weeks ago and now MTV is SUDDENLY saying they made a "MISTAKE", that it was BI who is "PREFERRED" and invited, and NOT SHINHWA. [quoted from orenji728]

How can in ANY sense, they claimed that it's a typo mistake when BI and SHINHWA just doesn't rhyme anyway, keyboard-wise and length-wise. Also, the invitation was cancelled when it's less than a week more to the actual event. So what is it? Bi's company bribe MTV for it? We don't care how it's going to be done, but since you HAD invited Shinhwa, they have the right to be there. Same goes, you give a present to someone, you don't expect to get it back right?

I am gonna start a pedition and please reply down here if you think this is unfair to bring up the MAA's attention. Also, I will call the MTV office personally tomorrow. Singapore fans, please help by calling 65-6221 8166, or email straight to . GoodEntertainment is still new and small to handle this so as a Shinhwa fan, when we all know how important this year is to them, it's time to show our fighting spirit and do something for Shinhwa.

As for Bi's fans, we don't care how you are cheering right now because this is SUPPOSED to be Shinhwa's invitation. I don't care how 'preferred' MTV is to actually drop Shinhwa and get Bi. Everyone knows how BIG Shinhwa is in Asia, and if MAA doesn't give us any good explaination, I will definitely drop by the MTV Asia LDC myself and I will make sure I get a good explanation from this.

Please help Shinhwa, and show them what Shinhwa's fans are made of. Fighting!!!



hmmphhh... dah tau sangat dah shinhwa tak menang. taapiii salah ke kalau diorang yg perf masa MAA? lagikpon bongak ke ape MTV ni gi cakap diorang TYPO? bangang ke ape? camne plak dari BI/RAIN buleh typo jadik SHINHWA? dari typo jadik 신화 ? kalau dah tak nak kasi shinhwa perf tu, mintak maaf je lah dah cukup. pegi cakap typo tu apsal? lagi la orang sakik hati. dah tu, dah bincang ke ngan shinhwa pasal pengkenselan ni? bangang.

mujur la aku bukan one of the kipas-susah-mati of shinhwa. kalau tak, memang aku dah plan nak sue MTV for this humiliation.

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